Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy so far

Sorry I havent posted much. Its been busy.  A couple came to see Spike this weekend.  He seemed to really like them. He played with them and ran in the yard with them. It seems like a good match.  They took him for a walk in the neighborhood too.  They just needed to get their home visit done.  After that I drove down to my mom's house.  We went over to my grandfather's house, who recently passed away, to clean out his room.  Its a weird feeling throwing someones teeth in the garbage. We went through all the clothes and took them to Good Will.
My grandfather loved steam engines. He built several of him the the last few years.  He didnt buy a kit but machined every single piece of metal himself. They are all very cool.

My mom and I had a good time. There were lots of thunderstorms while I was there. The first night we were sitting talking. My phone made that alert beeping sounds. I picked it up and it said, Take Cover Now, tornado warning in you current area.  Wow, ok.  My old phone never did that. I told my parents. My mom and I went in the down stairs bathroom. I put Guiness and me in the tub.  ( I brought Guiness with me to give him a break from the puppy. He hates the puppy).  I think Guiness was thinking, "Wait, what???  I have to take a bath here?  LOL  So about one minute after I got that text, we heard the sirens going off.   We waited until the sirens stopped to come out of the bathroom. Guiness was very happy about that and did the happy dance/bark/give me a cookie dance.  LOl Especially since he didnt really have to take a bath. My dad said the sirens go off all the time where they live so I think they dont take them as much to heart as I do.
My back was hurting before I went down to my parents. But it got worse at my mom's house. I dont know why. So now its killing me.  I can walk and run but sitting or bending over is torture.  Because of my back I didnt go to Java's class Wednesday night. Sad because I really like going to that class. But I have to drive Stephaine to college  this week. Three  hours down and three hours back in the car. It will kill my back so I figured the less driving the better.
When I got back from my mom's house I still hadnt heard anything from the rescue about Spikes adoption.  I emailed the lady.  Her own dog is really ill and she hasnt had time to do the home visit so she asked me to do it.  The home visit went well. I lent her a book called "Dont shoot the dog".  I also let her borrow the DVD  Crate Games.  She signed up for a puppy class at our club that starts next month.

Yesterday she came to pick up Spike.  He seemed excited to see her. Jumping and wagging his tail. He licked her face. It was sweet. She sent me a note late last night saying that he was doing really well. I hope he didnt cry to much last night.   He hasnt been crying here for the last few nights so I hope it went well.
We went for our last walk yesterday. What a fun boy. Ill miss him. ( my dogs wont. They hated him except for Java but even she was getting over it all)

I havent done much agility training the month of July. Its been really hot, plus dealing with the puppy it just kinda didnt get done. Also Java was in heat and didnt want to run or jump. And dogs can always use a break.  I have been working on Java's weave poles. Im using WAMs  and they are still open wide. Im trying to do a better job at teaching this.  Sending her thru a tunnel and then into the weaves so she does it at speed.  Adding angled approaches.  Ive started working on taking jumps in front of her when running.  And the "wait", well still a work in progress.


Elayne said...

Glad that Spike got a new home.

I don't usually even buy a pass for the agility field in July. Too hot, not much fun for anybody.

Kathy said...

Congrats on Spikes new home.
I have been having problems with my back because of walking wonky with my knees....I was shocked to find out even kaiser covers chiropractic care, and it is so much different then when I went years ago, you should consider that or something to get on top of hat sore back- that is sure no fun to have ESP when you have a busy life!!!!! Hope it feels better quick! The steam engines are awesome, ESP when you think they re a piece of your grandpa. I've never had to go clean out a family members belongings, :-( that reall had to be hard. Well hope you are feeling better, hang in here!

Sara said...

You have been busy!

I'm so glad Spike found a good home. Hope having him gone makes your life a little easier!

Chris and Ricky said...

You are crazy busy! I don't know how you do it! I am happy for Spike but I sure will miss your photos of him!

Dawn said...

I am sorry about your grandfather. Yes, it is hard to throw away things (especially teeth!) that belonged to someone you love. The steam engines are neat!

Glad Spike got a home, but I'm sure you'll miss him even if the dogs don't. Great photos of him, but his face says, I want my very OWN home! Plus you'll get to see him at class, right?

Hope your back is better, saw your facebook about the magnetic cool!