Sunday, August 12, 2012

2nd half of the trial

So anyway.  I walked the dogs on Saturday morning at the park for an hour. Then went to the trial site. After getting the course maps and my number, I walked them again. After doing my walk thur, I took Miley out to the field and made her play ball until her tongue was hanging out.

Here was the course. Theme for the weekend, bunch all the contacts together so the judge doesnt have to move very much. Ugh!!  So no going wide again on the contacts to see if that really is the problem. But this time when I went to the practice jump she was calm. She didnt just start taking it and not listening like yesterday. I knew yesterday, by the way she took the practice  jump, it was going to be a crazy run. Today I could feel the difference.  I thought I might have a chance. LOL

I messed up the end . Oh well, it still felt like a pretty good run. No crazy stress around the ring. But she didnt stop on the contacts. Going to the table seems to be getting better but still not on the first try.

I made her play ball a couple of more times before her jumpers run. We were close on this one.

My friend, Robin, even told me to be careful going from  15 to 16. She said, "You know how Miley is, so you better really get her attention over jump 15. She may think she is suppose to take 8 instead of 16".  I just couldnt decided if I should stay on the same side and run the serp ( 16-18) or do a front cross after 16 on the opposite side. So after debating almost until I entered the ring, I forgot all about getting her attention at 15.  She didnt go off course but went around the jump.

It still felt like a good run even though we missed that jump.  It sure would be nice to Q once in a while. O'well, maybe next time. I felt like everyone I knew Qed this weekend. Even people I know that are also struggling, Qed.  But Ill just have to keep working on it.

Man , the AKC  must be getting tough on dogs leaving the ring. I saw more dogs whistled out this weekend the ever before. Usually if your dog runs out, into that chute area, and comes right back, you are ok. Not this weekend. Tweet.
Also the novice courses seemed tough. No running straight with just a couple of change of sides.

 This is a very nice trial site. The only negitive I can think of is , its freezing cold.  If you ever trial there, bring extra clothes.  Im sure the coated dogs, like mine, love it. 

Tomorrow Java gets spayed.


Sara said...

Those were both gorgeous runs Diana! Nice job!

Hope Java's surgery goes well.

Chris and Ricky said...

Me too - I thought both of your runs were pretty! Miley did well - it's hard to believe you have to wear her out before going to the ring - but it works!

Good luck to Java tomorrow. Hope her surgery goes smoothly!

Catalina said...

I hope Java's surgery goes well! I thought Miley's table was really nice - good runs!

onecollie said...

man she is so awesome, & you are a great handler! love her weaves!!
what a great venue too!

Kathy said...

good luck to Java, we will be thinking of her. Youll have to post on facebook when you hear she is out of surgery and ok, if you dont mind. I thought that run looked amazing!!! FANTASTIC job! Some of those Novice courses are ridiculous! hehehehe.

Lian said...

WOW! Both runs looked awesome, especially the jumper! Well done! Miley is looking great, no stressed at all. The Q will come soon!

Good Luck with Java.

Priscilla said...

Both of you were awesome!

Hope Java's surgery goes well tomorrow and we will be thinking of her!

corbinwooten said...

I agree with the others. So many nice things about both of those runs!

And in Jumpers, just one little glitch. That's really great. I know, you'd rather it all come together, but you are so close and looking good.

I've found that playing with Lexi before the runs really helps us. She gets worn out a little bit, and I also think it helps to "connect" us before we go out there.

Sophie said...

That jumpers run looked especially nice to me. She was fast, enthusiastic and happy - who cares if you didn't Q? It looks like you guys are on track!