Friday, June 1, 2012

Puppies and playtime

Someone at work sent out an email that said "Free Puppies".  Ugh.  I usually dont look at the mass emails that are sent out. There are several rescue groups at work and its usually asking you to take a dog. I have 5 dogs and just dont think I can handle anymore.  But I opened the email and there was a picture. They looked like sheltie puppies. The lady said she had rescued them from the woods, they were 5 weeks old and she didnt have money for the vet care. When she called a local rescue group they wanted $65 dollars for each puppy she turned in. There are 7 puppies.  She couldnt afford that either.  So I sent an email to the person ahead of Sheltie rescue here and asked if she had any advice for this lady.  Well after lots of talking back and forth, it turns out they are beagel -sheltie mixes. Sheltie rescue would take all the puppies and they lady agreed to turn them over. So now feeling like I been involved in pushing all this through, I felt like I needed to continue to help. I met the lady at the vet yesterday.  There is a runt of the litter who was 1.5 lbs but all the others were 3 lbs.  The runt was also dehydrated.  They all have worms. YuK!!!    So someone else in the rescue took the runt and anther puppy. I took 5 home.  Wow , what a lot of work.  Now Im feeling bad about saying I would do this. Im feeling really old and tired this morning. Every time the puppies cry or squeak but dogs bark like crazy.  Sleep was not good last night. 

I washed all the puppies last night because they smelled bad.  The only thing was, I washed off the numbers the vet had written on their legs to tell who was who. Oops.  I hope that was just for yesterdays vet check.
Here is a picture when they were clean. They are now dirty again from getting food all over each other when eating. But here is a picture when they were clean.

Miley is a little freaked out but is getting better.  She was standing outside on the deck last night and didnt want to come in.  She did it again this morning but now she came in on her own. But now the puppies arent screaming  so that maybe why.

I worked Miley  and Java with some friends on Wednesday. Miley was awesome.  I didnt realize it until I got in the car that I didnt have to throw the bait bag once for stress.  We did drop a few bars but I found out if I keep my mouth shut, she keeps the bars up. LOL.

This video is of Miley and Java playing before we started and I was there alone. Its probably boring to you but you know how it is when your own dogs do things. Its cute to me. LOL


Chris and Ricky said...

I would be so nervous taking in 5 puppies - you are brave and thank goodness they have you! They are very cute! I love the video of Miley and Java - so fun to see them playing like that!

Priscilla said...

Oh dear, how could those people just leave the tiny puppies in the wood. Horrible people!!!

I'm so glad they were safe by the lady and you are doing a great job too, Diana.

The video of the two girls playing really put a smile on my face. They were so happy chasing each other and they're so lucky to have a big yard for them to run around.

Lian said...

It is very good of you to foster those pups. Puppies are hard work, it takes up all your time and you get tired looking after them, especially they are on their own without mum. Good luck with them and hopefully they are off to new homes soon. They are very cute though, can't see Beagle in them, yet?

Love the video of the two girls playing. It's very sweet.

Kathy said...

I raised five labs pups whose mom had a litter of like twelve and was left outside and dumped her water in 110 degree heat in the sun, so she died. Anyway, I could not believe how hard it was, esp without a mom. It is too bad they can not ask the guy who owned the mom to borrow her for a few weeks and then return her if you had to. If that is not possible when they hit about three weeks it gets a lot easier and it gets easier quickly, but I have never worked so hard the first few weeks, I feel for you, especially because you have to get to work too. Is there a friend or two that could take over just a couple of nights? Mqybe someone this afternoon that will take over feeding for a few hours so you can get a good nap. You are really a saint. They are aweful cute little pups ;-) at least they are cute and a breed that will be easy to find really great homes and have a great life once you get them over this hump.

corbinwooten said...

Those babies are so cute! That was really nice of you to volunteer to help out. Hopefully things will continue to settle down some.

I love the video of Miley and Java playing--they are so cute!!

Sophie said...

Those little babies are just TOO cute. If it wasn't for them being barky little hellions in training (beagle x sheltie is my nightmare, haha!) I'd so say to ship all of them to the UK for cuddles :)

Sara said...

Java and Miley are a riot! Love to see them play.

Puppies! Adorable! But, I can't even begin to imagine how much work that must be.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

My goodness you are a brave women - that is a lot of puppies to take care off - especially when you have your own doggies. I hope you can find wonderful homes for them

Dawn said...

You are a good woman Diana...few would be so generous with their time. They are cute though!

Dawn said...

Ok...just watched the's cracking me up! And you didn't speed it up either did you, this is their normal speed! :)