Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The park and stuff

Today we hiked at the state park. We havent been there in a long time. I just wanted to see what Miley would do on the hills.  That one time she was injured and she didnt really want to climb any hills. She had no problems today. I was wondering if her not stopping on contacts had to do with being injured. She isnt really dropping any bars. Which she usually does when she is injured.  At the USDAA trial, she didnt drop any bars. Thats unusual for her. She usually drops some bars. Then at the seminar, she didnt drop any bars the first day and I think only one bar the second day. 
Her contacts are getting worse. I have no idea what is going on. I took her to the field last night, where ever there was a tunnel after the contact, she jumped and ran on. If there was a jump after the contact, she stopped. Weird. Maybe Im stressing her will all the contact work Ive been doing.

Here is the jump sequence Ann Braue had me set up. Its so you can practice stopped contacts without having to run the whole a-frame. You add in the tunnel ( to add speed) and you can front cross and send them over different jumps next to the a-frame. You start out by bringing them over the jump, toward the a-frame, give them a treat. You may have to lure it at first to get them to understand what you want. The you lure them on to the aframe. After a couple of times, they get it ( to do jump, aframe). Then you start a couple of feet back from the jump and do jump, a-frame. Then add more distance to the jumps. If they keep getting it add in the tunnel. Make sure you do both side. ( use wing jumps next to the a-frame)

Last night I took the dogs to the field. I worked Java's running DW contact. Ive been angling the jumps after the DW.  Many times she goes around the jump to get the Ready treat.  Last night she didnt do that once. I think she if finally getting it.  Then I just did a short sequence with jumps and tunnels. I wanted to see how fast Java was going. So I first timed Java. She was 8.6 seconds. Then I timed Miley, she got the exact same time. LOL   I know Java should be faster because she is 2 inches taller. But Im having to manage the jumps more for Java. Also Java is  jumping higher than she needs to, so I think her speed will get faster.

 Java's recalls at the park were horrible so she had to be put back on leash.

Its becoming very hot now, so we stopped at the river. Everyone was dunked in a deeper part of the river.

I really tried to get Java's picture on these logs but everytime she turned toward me, she jumped off and came to me. Ugh. Still working on that wait command.


Chris and Ricky said...

I like that aframe set up. Miley somehow looked faster than Java on the little sequence but they were both very fast! Awesome park for walking - I would love to go there!

Sara said...

Thanks for showing the aframe practice. If Chewy's still missing his contact after all the work I've done with him in the yard, I'll rent some ringtime and try that. Miley's looked great!

Both Miley & Java seems super fast to me!

Priscilla said...

Love your new header! It's gorgeous!

Lian said...

I like the contact proofing sequence. I must try that with Saturn :)

Java is looking awesome on her running contact.

Miley is definitely looking faster in the jumping sequence than Java!