Saturday, June 30, 2012


Ive just been so busy its hard to find time to post. These puppies are taking up so much of my time.  I wish they would get adopted. They are so cute right now and ready to learn. I havent really been teaching them anything except trying to get them to go the bathroom outside, come when called and sitting when I give out treats to all the dogs.  They just look at you with such adoration, it makes you melt. Until they act wild again. LOL. Then you are over it.

I try to work my dogs or walk at the park , in between puppy awake time. So no time is for blogging.
I started Java in a foundation class on Wednesday.  I just wanted to work her in a class and makes sure I didnt miss teaching some things.   I ran Java over the dogwalk at class, when class was over. The second time she missed the contact. Wow, I cant remember the last time she missed a straight off contact.  It may have been just a new place but also there was a tunnel at the end. I usually work with starting out of a tunnel and end with a jump.   So I figured I better work on tunnels after the dogwalk

I took the dogs the the field and set a tunnel at each end of the dogwalk. She didnt miss once. So maybe it was the new place.

I hope she will run  like she did in the  last one all the time.
I also worked on taking jumps with Java.  Sometimes she takes them but if i really run, then she just comes to me and doesnt take the jumps. More work to do there.

This practice was Thurday morning.  Java was licking her foot a couple of time Thursday night. I checked her foot and didnt find anything. Friday we went to the park, mostly just played in the water. It was a hot day, but when I went it was only about 86 degrees outside. We topped out at 109 yesterday. Whoo that was hot.  Anyway, I didnt notice anything yesterday morning. But early after noon I noticed Java licking her foot again.  I checked it and it looked like she had a splinter under the skin of her pad. So soaked it. A couple of hours later she was kinda grumpy to the other dogs and especially the  puppies.  Then I saw her  off loading weight off her right rear.  So I looked at it again and there was a small spot of blood on the side of her pad and in her fur. She hadnt been licking it. Then I saw her limp. Ugh. I called the vet. I could only get an appt at my old vet. I took it.  So we show up and Java is still off loading weight and slight limp. I told him the problem. He said, "you know dogs never have anything in their pads".  LOl, he was just kidding me because that what he said about  Miley  when she had the glass her her foot.  So we took Java back and he looked at her pad. Picked at it with tweezers for several minutes. It was tender to the dog. He said, "I really dont think there is anything in there".  I thought OMG, not again. There is something in my dogs foot. Ugh. So he looked some more and pulled back a little of the pad.  Two splinters!!!  He said, "well I guess Ive been under diagnosising  splinters in pads".   So Java is feeling much better today. No limp or off loading weight that Ive seen.

 I went to the field early this morning. I wanted to pull a bunch of weeds that were around the dogwalk. They were the sticker pricker weeds. I thought  thats where maybe she picked up the  splinter.

But the guy had come to mow the lawn and now I couldnt find them.  This one was under the dogwalk. But after looking at it, the stickers on this were to little.  Her splinters were bigger than these.  So I moved the dogwalk, since it hadnt been moved in a while.  I couldnt lift the center section of the dogwalk and was wondering what I would do. Then it came to me. Use the a-frame mover.
It worked great and moved easily.  So I moved the dogwalk to the shade in the morning spot in case I want  to go out early in the morning and work dogs. 

Hopefully we can get back to hiking in a couple of days when Java's pad is better.


Sara said...

That sticker pricker looks a lot like poison ivy. We have a bunch of that by our bridge, and of course that's where the dogs want to go sniffing!

Glad the doctor was able to find something. Maybe he'll be more careful about checking pads from now on.

Java's running dogwalks are so cool.

Chris and Ricky said...

Java is a gorgeous jumper! And her dogwalk looks amazing too!

Great to get the splinters out. Hope she is 100% soon!

All your photos are terrific but I really like the beaver!

Lian said...

Java is amazing! Her jumping style is brilliant! Her running DW is awesome too!

Oh, I hate this prickly plants that cause the dogs the problems. We have similar kind of things here, especially in the summer, the dogs seems to get grass seed, splinters ... so annoying when you have an active dog!

Hope Java'a pad is ok.

Phantom said...

Java is an awesome jumper

Priscilla said...

That sticker pricker looks really nasty! Hope Java is okay now.

It always amazes me to see how your girls love to play in the water and jump from rocks to rocks.

Sophie said...

Can I just come and live in your yard for a while, please? Evil plants or no evil plants!

Nicole said...

I always look forward to your pictures, gorgeous! I shall get around to watching the videos in a bit :)

corbinwooten said...

Glad that they found the splinters in Java's paw--ouch!

I agree with the others, I love to watch Java's DW and jumping!