Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy Weekend

The puppies are now doing well. Playing and they seem content.  Thursday night was a different story. I thought to myself, OMG what have I done.  What I didnt tell you in my last post was that I was up at midnight with screaming puppies. Lucky Stephanie was helping me. I was trying to get the food ready and the puppies were having diarrhea.  First one has shooting diarrhea and hits another one all across the face and head. I pick him up and wash him. Right when I put him back in the pen, it happens again with two other puppies. Holy Crap.  It would be hysterically funny if it wasnt happening to me.  Then when  I finish washing that one and put it back in, then another one shoots out poop all across the the first one I wash, hitting him all across his side.  Thank god that was the last time it happened and we got back to making food. 

And this thing is my new best friend. LOl  Before I went to Walmart and bought this , I was putting the kibble in a plastic bag and hitting with a meat cleaver. First of all , I didnt know how long it took for kibble to become soft once you add water. Its takes forever, which you dont have time for with screaming puppies.  Kind of like a screaming baby.  No matter how fast you make the formula, it isnt fast enough. They are screaming like they have never eaten a day in their life.   So after pounding  the kibble in a plastic bag, I  had this device that would mix  the food. It was horrible. It wasnt covered and I tried covering it with my hand. Food flying every where. Ridiculous. So the next day I went and bought this chopping, mincing and whatever machine. Its awesome. ( you maybe asking why didnt I use a blender. Uh, we dont have one. Stephanie broke it a couple of years ago and we never replaced it. LOL.) Love this little Ninja.  Works great so far. Chops up the kibble into sand like stuff and then I add water and mix it all up. Quick !  And as long as you remember to put the lid on before mixing, easy clean up.
The lady who has two of the puppies, the runt and anther one is having to bottle feed both hers. I think I would have a breakdown over that. She also took them both back to the vet the next day. The runt needed more fluids. And they decided all the puppies needed antibiotics for the diarrhea. Im  not sure if they tested it or what. But they put the puppies on two different antibiotics.  They are sooooo much better.  No more flying poop.  Yea!! 

Im now down to two puppies. Someone else in the rescue took 3 puppies. Life is really easy now.

Male puppy

Female puppy.

These are the two puppies I have left. 

On Saturday morning I went to the club building and worked the dogs. Ive been struggling with getting Java to take jumps. And she keeps looking at my hands. So at the club I can throw the treats on the ground ahead of her. That worked great. So I will work on that for a while.  Then I drove down to see my mom.  It was a nice trip. I took Miley and Java with me. The reason was, they were having agility run thurs at the place about an hour from my mom on Sunday. I figured I could stop there on my way home. (Stephanie took care of the puppies for me).

My dogs love my mom's yard and can run their legs off.

Sneak attack.  Its hard to tell but all Java's feet are off the ground.

Im to tired to finish this post, so more tomorrow.


Sara said...

You have been busy!

Glad that you are down to two puppies, and that the projectile pooping has stopped. Icky.

corbinwooten said...

So glad that the puppies are doing better. Sounds like an exhausting job!

Looking forward to hearing more about the run-thrus, etc...

Crazy4CattleDogs said...

The pups are adorable! (: Have fun with them and enjoy them while they are little. They grow up way to fast.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

the puppies are just so adorable - I can almost smell that sweet puppy smell (not the poop). How are you not going to get attached to them though?

Priscilla said...

The puppies are so adorable, it seems they are getting bigger and stronger too. You're so sweet of taking care of them.

The pictures of Jave and Miley are great. The two girls really know how to enjoy life and make goo

Chris and Ricky said...

It does sounds hysterically funny and gross at the same time! Glad you got it down to two puppies that you can have fun with!

Anonymous said...

Puppies can be truly disgusting, it's a good thing they are so cute to help make all the work worthwhile. LOL Glad you're down to two now, that makes it so much easier.

Kathy said...

Wow, that diarrhea sounds killer glad that is resolved. Two pups sounds perfect....or way easier then five, lol. Love seeing Java and Miley playing together, such pretty girls.

Lian said...

Raising puppies are hard work :)