Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Busy weekend Day 2

I was suppose to get up and leave my mom's house by 8am on Sunday to make it to the agility run thrus. But we got talking and  I didnt leave. My mom brought out this old suite case that use to belong to her grandfather.  I had never seen it before.

This bag is probably 200 years old. Plus it made it through the war. My mom and grandparents are German and moved to this country when my mom was 10 years old. They lived in Hamburg Germany.  My mom birth father died in the war when she was 4 yr old

My mom's name was Ursela Hamdorf.  When she came to this county and started school, she told them her name was Lynn Roeschmann ( That was 2nd dad's last name). She said they didnt ask for paper work or any thing. So that was her name. LOL , that would never happen now.  But when she turned 18 yr. old she did change it legally.

This next picture is of my grandfather, who just passed. (He was my mom's 2nd dad. Her mom remarried when my mom was 6 yr old).  The other baby is his sister.  The house above is their home when they lived in Germany. It was bombed out during the war. When your house was bombed out, they would let the solider go home and fix the house. They you returned to the war.  When the air raids would start they would put their possessions in a wheel barrel and go down the street to an empty lot. They had dug ditches in the lot and would hide in those.  My moms place, they had a cellar and would go to the cellar during air raids.

This was a plantation that my grandmothers family owned. My great grandfather, who owns the bag in the picture earlier, lived here. His name was Walter Classen. The family had to give up the house after  one of the wars, I think WWI. They couldnt pay the taxes.  They moved to a smaller plantation.  There is a picture of that place but I didnt take one of it. Its still in existence and we have a current picture of it. It looks almost the same with a few updates.

Here is Walter and his brother going to school.

 Here is another picture of my mom's grandfather, Walter Classen.

My mom said her grandfather loved to tell her stories. He  told her one Christmas his parents bought bow and arrows for the boy and dolls for the girls. The parent went out and when they  got back they found out the boys had tied the dolls to steaks, shot them with arrows and decapitated them. LOL Man their parents must have been mad.  All the new Christmas presents destroyed. LOL, funny now but Im sure it wasnt then.
I left my mom's house around 11am.  This lady who was holding the run thrus is really close to the highway so I decided to stop by and see if they were still there. They were.  So I ran Miley once. She didnt have any issues. I was hoping I could correct a jumped contact or her not getting on the table but nope, she got it all. The only messed up things were caused by me, so I did have to through the bait bag once when she started to circle when I stopped.  ( Thats not in the video).  I ran Java , for the first time, in a new place. She was really slow over the dogwalk. She did speed up the second time I ran her. So I need to start taking her to different dogwalks and have her run them.

And heres a puppy picture just for good measure.


corbinwooten said...

What a cool history lesson about your family! I think that stuff is really neat. Thanks for sharing your story.

And I commented on the youtube video, but I think Java looks great. Even though she wasn't going as fast as normal, at least she is still striding through the contact zone! And Miley looked great!

Sara said...

How cool to know all that info about your ancestors! The suitcase is really, really cool.

I thought Java's dogwalk looked awesome.

Chris and Ricky said...

Very cool to get to talk to your mom about her German relatives like that - neat old suitcase and wonderful photos!

Java's DW did look so good! And woohoo Miley!

Priscilla said...

Thanks for sharing your family history with us. It's so interesting and those pictures are precious. I do hope I could have some pictures of my ancestors but I just have a few of my maiden grandmother. She came from mainland China and my mom was born here.

In fact, Rosie and I are going to Hamburg in July as she is attending a summer course. Besides, she had spent last three terms studying everything about WW1 and Germany and Hitler. By the way, she is in Berlin now enjoying the concerts, shopping and foods.

Elayne said...

Wow, what a very cool bag and photos. My family is from Russia and we have all kinds of old photos like that too.

I'm glad you're down to 2 puppies. So cute but what a lot of work on top of the dogs you already have.

Nicki said...

Neat photos

Dawn said...

That is so neat that you got to talk to your Mom about your family history. And the photos are wonderful, so is the suitcase! Of course the dogs look wonderful as well!

Kathy said...

Wow, sounds like your visit with your mom was so much more valuable then the run through, but you got to do that too, what a great day. Your dogwalk with Java is Amazing! You and Java have just done such a beautiful job I am sooooo impressed!!!!!! Miley looks great!

Diane said...

I just have to say that Java is becoming so beautiful. And her dogwalks look fabulous. She looks like she is really enjoying herself! - Diane

Sophie said...

Very cool post--you can pretty much feel the age of that suitcase. Very cute photos to boot!

Lian said...

That's some good old photos and memories

LindaR said...

I loved what you shared about your grandparents. I called them Uncle Heinz and Tante Tilly and loved them very much and Tante Erna too. Heinz was my father's first cousin. I have pictures of him when he was a boy in germany which I should share with you and your mom, who by the way, writes great letters with the christmas cards. I hope when you cleared out the house you did not forget the trains in the attic that he built.Love to "cousin" Lynn" from Linda and Felicia
I should mention Shelties are my favorite breed and I currently have Lacey, an 8 yr old I rescued from Arkensas.