Friday, September 30, 2011

Ready to go

Every thing is ready to go for the trial.  Even Miley is ready. Well, she thinks she is ready.  I finally work her last night in the back yard, just over some contacts.  She was wild and crazy.  I told my husband I wasnt sure I should run her since she really hasnt done agility in a month.  He said, just run her easy. LOL, yea right. Have you met Miley??  She doesnt do agility easy.  Her foot looks great too!!
I took Java with me to the trial site yesterday.  She had a good time.  And when everyone was paying so much attention to her, Miley decided that she wanted to be petted too. Shocking.   Java will be much bigger than Miley.  And I know this. But everyone kept saying how "huge" Java was. It was scaring me.  She is about 12 1/2 inches and she will be 16 weeks on Sunday. So she is only an inch shorter than Miley right now. I hope thats why everyone thinks she looks big.
Well, I dont have time to write anything else.  (I like the water flinging circle off her tail in the picture below)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

More rain

We have not had a sunny day in over a week.  Everyday its been raining and you dont know when its going to happen. One minute everything seems fine , than its storming. Ugh!  I hope it stops soon because I really need some sunshine.  Our agility trial starts on Friday. And do you know what I did?  I scheduled my schools screening day on Friday. Ugh!!  Its the  day that  the nurses come into the school and screen all the kids for vision and hearing. Well, lucky at my school we dont screen all the kids. Only new kids in the district and parent or teacher request.  But what the heck was I thinking. I call my boss several weeks ago and told her what I did.  She felt it was best to leave it the way it is.  I feel terrible about it.  So after Im done helping set up the trial, I have to go back to my school and set up the library for screening day. I hope everything goes ok.

Poor Miley isnt allowed to do anything. I do let her go in the yard. Her foot looks much better. That area is kinda  hard on her pad. Maybe scar tissue?  But it looks so much better after being on the antibiotics.  Im not sure she will run at the trial. It depends on what her pad looks like. Maybe only run once a day if it looks ok or not at all. Will see. Poor dog is losing her mind. Every time I take the puppy out to pee, Miley comes. First she gets on the dogwalk contact, then she runs to the bottom of the teeter, then the tunnel. She keeps hoping I will run her. Silly dog. ( all the equipment had big orange traffic cones blocking being able to run across them).
Miley went through the tunnel and Java ran across the top of the tunnel and then met her at the end. It was to funny. And she didnt even fall off.

I took the puppy to the river. (two other times I went, a thunder storm came or it just poured down rain).

Im to tired to write anymore.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Life has been stressful lately.  Mileys foot has been driving me crazy.  She just wont leave it alone when its wrapped. Once the wrap it off, she doesnt care about her foot.  But today I felt like it was still more swollen then is should be. I called the vet and she called in Abx for her foot.  I think Miley is on it to much but its hard to keep your dog off their foot.  I rewrapped it tonight and she has already torn off the boot and the pad. I rewrapped it again. I made it thicker to hopefully kept the boot on tighter so she cant get to the dressing. Ugh!! 

Then yesterday the puppy ate a mushroom in the backyard. I didnt even know there were mushrooms back there. We havent had any rain until Thursday and of course its been pouring since. I saw her get something and you know if you try to get something from you dog, they just swallow it faster. So I only got about 1/2 the mushroom out of her mouth. That was at 6am.  My husband watched her all day and texted me several times saying she was fine.  When I got home I took everyone outside. I saw more mushroom by the dogwalk and pulled them all out. The puppy came over but I dont think there was anything there. About 5 minutes later she started vomiting.  Within 30 minutes she has vomited yellow bile 10 times. I called the vet and they said bring her in.  She vomited 2 more times while I was on the phone and then again in the car. OMG, what if me dog has parvo?  She is the same age as Miley  when Miley got parvo. Maybe its in my yard.  I get to the vet. I told them about the mushroom. They did blood work and it was all normal.  Thank goodness. So they gave her something for the vomiting and they gave her SQ fluids. I really didnt think she needed the fluids be the vet felt it was safer to do fluids in puppies that have been vomiting. He didnt charge me for them. It might have been because I told him about Miley have the glass in her foot and having surgery.  He did apologized for missing Mileys foot problem.  So that was nice. I understand people make mistakes.
So after all those fluids they gave the puppy, she was up at 2:30am having to pee. I took her out every hour and then every 1/2 hour.  She was having accidents in the house even with me taking her out every 1/2 hour. What the heck??   She hasnt had an accident at all in the house until this. At least she was peeing on throw rugs. But every time I turned around I had to wash another rug.  I finally crated her for a couple of hours and now everything is back to normal. Thank goodness. What a lot of work.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Puppy, parks and pads

I bought this really cool looking collar for the puppy. See isnt it cool?

But look what happens when your dog gets wet?

What the heck?  What company makes a collar that bleeds when it gets wet???  Ugh.  I cant find another Martingale collar that fits her except this brand.   I didnt want to have to order on line but I might have to.

Miley has been doing well.  She has been miserable with the foot wrap thing on. She was being mean and nasty to the other dogs.  She would go hide in my room.  It hasnt been draining so I took it off. But if she goes outside we put a boot on her foot. Well she doesnt like that either. So now she has decided not to come to me. Ugh! Im the evil boot lady.  She is such a sensitive soul.  When you see her run agility you probably dont think that but she really is and I think that is some of our problem. And that she doesnt like to come in close.   Anyway her foot thing was really shallow. It looks more like if your dog has  torn their pad when running on new turf.   It was really swollen Wednesday but Thursday it looked much better.

The puppy is doing well and Miley actually played with her yesterday.  Yea!!  Guiness still hasnt wanted anything to do with her and will lift his lip if she comes up to him when he is lying down.  She the to lie down and sleep with him and he got up and left.  Poor puppy.  
Ive been walking the puppy at the park and she was growling and barking at people. People walking,running, riding bikes, groups of people, and single people.  What the heck??? I know what socialization this dog has gotten and I dont know why she was doing that.  So I woke up the other morning and it his me, the head halter collar.  I put that on when walking her, which she hated, but she didnt bark or growl at anyone.  Then the next day I took her to our club. I got there 45 minutes before  the class got there. It took her a while to warm up but then she seemed fine.  It was weird , the more dogs and people that came in, the more comfortable she seemed.   She didnt bark or growl at anyone.  On the way home I stopped at another park.  There was a running club there and she had no problems.  (No head halter used either).  Lots of people where there and she has no problems.

This picture was taken at the park. It looks like blue skys but we had been having thunderstorms.  There was a break in the storms and we stopped at  the park.

I thought I would load the last few pictures at work but thats not happening.  So I post dog pictures later.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

(This was taken last week and Miley has a boot on her foot)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Miley surgery went well.  She had glass in her foot. The doctor xrayed it again after she was done to make sure she got it all. She said she removed 6 pieces which she thinks was one piece that fell apart. She said she didnt have to really make an incision. That once Miley was asleep the area just opened and she just followed the tract.  No sutures but her pad will have to heal  on its own. Trying to keep miley from chewing the bandage off has been hard. I finally put the cone on her head. Now she is really unhappy.

The puppy pulled one of her ear tapes off, so I removed the other one.  Today her  ears started standing up , so I put ear weight on them. They may need a little more on them.

Oh yea. The new puppy name is Java.  Im pretty sure will keep that one.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Yup, I got a new puppy.  I was planning on getting a puppy from this breeder next year. But the person who was suppose to get this puppy wanted one that was going to be about 13 inches.  This puppy is going to be 14.5 or 15 inches.  Thats ok with me.  A 13 inch dog jump heights are irritating to me. Miley jumps 12 in AKC,  14 in ISC and 16 in USDAA.  I dont jump her at 16 so she is in preferred in USDAA. But its sooo irritating.  This puppy will just be at 16 in everything.  She is 13 weeks old.  I havent picked a name yet.  Some of my top names have been  Quiz, Rev and Snap.  But I still dont know. 
I took her to the river and she loves water!!  WhooHoo, I have a sheltie that loves water!

None of my dogs will play with her yet. I think Miley is getting close to playing.

Miley is still limping.  Still only on uneven surfaces.  So on Wednesday I took her back to my local vet.  He completely disagreed with me about the splinter in her foot.  He felt like it was her elbow. I let him take xrays of her elbows and feet. It was normal.  I really feel like it was her foot that was bothering her. How can you take flying leaps off furniture without any problems. Then walk down the street and starts hobbling. Ugh!!  So I made another appointment at the rehab vet. I went last night.  She checked Miley well.  I had no idea how far a dog's leg can be pulled back.  It looked like that would be painful but Miley didnt seem to care.  She didnt care about anything she did to her.  So I told her I really feel like there is something in her foot.  It still drains if you press on it.  That is just not normal.  So she said she would like to do a dental xray of her pad to see if it showed anything.  Well here you go.

 sorry about my flash.   This is a upside down picture of her pad. You can see the bone of her toe on the left and then you see that white stuff on the right. That white stuff shouldnt be there. The picture quality from my phone wasnt good but the white stuff looks like the same density as her bone.  The vet feels confident that something is in there.  She doesnt feel that its a calcification on her pad. Sometimes dogs get hard calcification's on their pads but she doesnt feel that on Mileys. She is sure that this is something in the pad and not to deep.  Miley has to be sedated to have her pad looked at. She was hoping she could do it Saturday ,  today, but she was booked.  So she squeezed Miley in for Monday morning.  I sure hope they find whats in there.  And I hope this doesnt effect Miley going to their office. She is freaked out at my local vets office and I think it is because of having Prvo as a puppy and then later being spayed. She associates bad things with that office.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I keep forgeting to post this.  There is a dog photographer who is posting tips on getting better pictures . She also talks about the different camera setting ect.  Here is her link.Carol Beuchat  You will have to look back at her post  to go to the first post  on photography. The series is  called "Shoot the Dog"  .  Some stuff isnt knew to me, but I did learn a few things.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.
When I went to the park yesterday I wanted to take pictures with this green spigot.   I think its cool looking. But I wasnt very happy with the pictures when I got home. I wanted to get the top of the spigot in the picture. To do this the dog had to stand on a cinder block to give them height.  The dog doesnt look happy and the lighting wasnt good.  It was morning and probably not enough light. So I went back around 11 am to retake some shots.  I just took Miley the second time because I was going to the club afterwards to work on some agility stuff.  Guiness would be more comfortable at home.  Anyway, when I went back to the park I took Miley's bed. 

Yes that green ottoman is Miley's bed.  I got it at Good Will.  There was no chair.  It really was to be used to help the dogs on and off the bed.It sits right next to the bed , near my side of the bed.   Miley decided it was to be her bed. 

 I like these pictures so much better than the other ones.  Lucky there was only one other family there so see this crazy lady carry an ottoman to take a picture of her dog. LOL

Miley's foot still isnt better.  I really do think something is in her foot or there is a deep bruise.  I probably shouldn't have taken her to this park. To may uneven surfaces. I had to carry her sometimes because of the rocks.  I wanted to go to the flat park with the cement walkway but they were have a "Dam Race" that ended at the park. So I didnt want to deal with all those people.   Im not sure what do about her foot.

 Oh, yea here are a few tree pictures. I think trees look so cool. Esp. the dead ones. Sometimes the way the light hits the trees is just beautiful.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy Week

Sorry I  havent been posting much.  Ive been to tired by the end of the day, I just cant do it.  Plus nothing great has been happening.  I cant remember what day this happened but I was walking the dogs at the park.  These two ladies were walking toward me with a lab.  So I stepped off the path so the dogs wouldnt get close to each other.  Well all of a sudden I see a snake right in front of me.  Guieness had already passed it but Miley and I hadnt.  I kinda screamed but with my mouth closed. Pulled Miley back while trying to get Guiness to swing wide and come back to me. And I was stepping backwards back onto the path.  I almost fell into the ladies with a dog.  They looked at me like I was crazy. I was finally able to say, Im sorry but there is a snake.  They didnt seem to impressed. They just said, "really where?".  I showed it to them and they didnt even know what kind it was.  They still werent impressed.  For me, my heart is racing and its all I can think about. "Oh my god, I almost stepped on a snake".  My husband was with me and at that point we turned around and started walking back.  He starts talking to me and then says, "are you listening to me?".  I told him "NO, Im still thinking about almost stepping on the snake". I have a picture , but it wont load right.

Mileys foot is slowly getting better.  I  took her back to the vet on Tuesday because she was limping so bad that morning in the street.  But he couldnt find anything in her foot.  He looked at it and saw something shinning but it was just drainage.  Funny thing was he didnt even think she had a splinter in her foot.  So why was that drainage there?  So anyway that was a waste of money.   But later that night we walked at the park and no limping on any surface.  So that was good.  In the morning on our street she limps sometimes when we get all the way to the back of the neighborhood.  But otherwise I havent seen anything.  She still has that spot on her foot. Its a little darker but still there.

These pictures are from the park this week.

 These pictures didnt come out the way I wanted them to. I couldnt get Miley to stay right there while taking the picture.

And sorry but spell check isnt working.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lake Day

I woke up this morning at 4am and felt terrible.  I hurt all over. Ugh!! And Miley was not interested in just hanging out. She has been hanging out for days and is not impressed.  So I asked my husband if we could go out on the boat and he swim Miley.  He said ok.  We didnt go very far from the marina.

Miley swam.

I figured swimming was ok ,since it didnt put pressure on her foot.

Guiness chased waves.

Then of course  you have to dry off.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The limp

Here is a friend of mine agility blog. Check it out. She has two great shelties.

Remember last week when I told you Miley crashed that jump. She was fine Friday and Saturday we hiked for 3 hours. I never saw anything. Sunday morning we went to the park and I saw nothing. Sunday evening at the end of the walk, about 2 mile, she stepped off the sidewalk and onto the mulch area and had a huge limp.  I thought maybe she just stepped on something.  Then Monday evening, a few more limps. Tuesday, nothing. Wednesday, limps again.  First when going to the pavement to the wooden bridge and that got me thinking. It seems to be when she changes surfaces.  So I put her on the grass and then made her walk on the pavement. Here is what happened.

I made an appt with the rehab vet to check her.  I had pressed and stretched on everything trying to see what was wrong. The only think I saw was this tiny  bruise on one pad. But it didnt seem like that tiny thing could cause this problem.

This morning I drove up to the rehab vet in Charlotte.  I took her around back to let her use the bathroom. I video taped her walking from the grass to the pea gravel. I saw no limping in the grass. Then look what happens.

Well at least I wont have to show her video of the limping we can just walk out back.  So I told the vet about the crash and when the limping started. She felt that if Miley hurt herself with the crash, it would have shown up before 3 days later.  First she had Miley walk the halls in the building. Nothing. Then we went in the back on the mulch, slight limp. Then we went on the pea gravel, Huge limp.
She pressed, flexed, extended every joint in both front legs. No reaction. I feel really confident that she did a through exam. The only reaction was when she pressed on the tiny bruise on her pad. Miley flinched.   Then she put on these magnifying glasses/hood thing. She said that bruise on her pad has a cut in it.  She tried to see if there was a splinter in there. Her tweezers did get caught once but she couldnt see the splinter.  She really didnt want to open the pad. She wants me to soak it for a few days and see if it gets better. If it doesnt or it gets worse, she'll have to open it and see if anything is in there. I guess that is good news, I just hope she is right.  LOL
You see that tiny spot on the second pad. Thats it. Hmmmmm

I tortured the dogs and took them to that little park on the lake to take pictures. No real walking there. Its really just for picnicking , fishing and putting your boat in.

I guess this bird isnt scared of people.

This was funny. I dont know what she was doing.

Fly by. LOL, actually I think a squirrel was in the trees.

Im glad I dont see these in the lake when I swim. Or swim the dogs. Scary teeth.