Friday, September 23, 2011

Puppy, parks and pads

I bought this really cool looking collar for the puppy. See isnt it cool?

But look what happens when your dog gets wet?

What the heck?  What company makes a collar that bleeds when it gets wet???  Ugh.  I cant find another Martingale collar that fits her except this brand.   I didnt want to have to order on line but I might have to.

Miley has been doing well.  She has been miserable with the foot wrap thing on. She was being mean and nasty to the other dogs.  She would go hide in my room.  It hasnt been draining so I took it off. But if she goes outside we put a boot on her foot. Well she doesnt like that either. So now she has decided not to come to me. Ugh! Im the evil boot lady.  She is such a sensitive soul.  When you see her run agility you probably dont think that but she really is and I think that is some of our problem. And that she doesnt like to come in close.   Anyway her foot thing was really shallow. It looks more like if your dog has  torn their pad when running on new turf.   It was really swollen Wednesday but Thursday it looked much better.

The puppy is doing well and Miley actually played with her yesterday.  Yea!!  Guiness still hasnt wanted anything to do with her and will lift his lip if she comes up to him when he is lying down.  She the to lie down and sleep with him and he got up and left.  Poor puppy.  
Ive been walking the puppy at the park and she was growling and barking at people. People walking,running, riding bikes, groups of people, and single people.  What the heck??? I know what socialization this dog has gotten and I dont know why she was doing that.  So I woke up the other morning and it his me, the head halter collar.  I put that on when walking her, which she hated, but she didnt bark or growl at anyone.  Then the next day I took her to our club. I got there 45 minutes before  the class got there. It took her a while to warm up but then she seemed fine.  It was weird , the more dogs and people that came in, the more comfortable she seemed.   She didnt bark or growl at anyone.  On the way home I stopped at another park.  There was a running club there and she had no problems.  (No head halter used either).  Lots of people where there and she has no problems.

This picture was taken at the park. It looks like blue skys but we had been having thunderstorms.  There was a break in the storms and we stopped at  the park.

I thought I would load the last few pictures at work but thats not happening.  So I post dog pictures later.


Sara said...

I think the pink fur is cute!

Poor Miley. Wearing boots is no fun.

Kathy said...

Glad Miley is physically better, but she is going to be glad when the whole foot ordeal is over I bet.
Have you checked out the BAT stuff for dogs with any fears and they talk about raising puppies to prevent fears and build confidence-it is developed by Greisha Stewart I think her name is, a sort of off shoot of control unleashed anyway reading the book I wonder if I could have prevented crickets fear of kids if I had done that when I first realized that had started. She says she is going to have a program come out about raising puppies with it and there is a yahoo group, a new book out on dogwise and there are some dvds and some videos on youtube if you look for BAT training. I am going to work with it with Cricket and her kid fears. It just all seems like a common sense thing that could not hurt and not a big deal and easy to do anywhere if you see anything they are uncomfortable with. Cricket would/does every once in awhile she will be loving someone, jumping all over them and then all of a sudden be terrified and run to the end of her leash and try to get away....what a weirdo but until I found some of this stuff I never knew how to handle that.
All that being said I would guess she is going through a fear period, isnt there one that shows up about that age?

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Why would they make a dog collar that would bleed onto the fur when it gets wet? Makes no sense!

Hope Miley is out of her boot soon!

Sophie said...

Ha! I once had a cheap reddy-pink leather collar for Jess, and when it rained her whole neck went BRIGHT pink. It stained her for about a week, too!

Maybe the pup was just feeling a little vulnerable with the head halter on too.

Dawn said...

Wow you have a lot of stuff going on! Love the pink fur! LOL!! Glad Miley is feeling somewhat better, and glad she's willing to play with the pupster. Poor Guiness, just too much for him, ey? Love the dam photos a lot!

Diana said...

Sophie, I only used the head halter after a few days of walking at the park and I couldn't get her too stop barking and growling at people. Then I used the head halter.