Saturday, September 3, 2011

The limp

Here is a friend of mine agility blog. Check it out. She has two great shelties.

Remember last week when I told you Miley crashed that jump. She was fine Friday and Saturday we hiked for 3 hours. I never saw anything. Sunday morning we went to the park and I saw nothing. Sunday evening at the end of the walk, about 2 mile, she stepped off the sidewalk and onto the mulch area and had a huge limp.  I thought maybe she just stepped on something.  Then Monday evening, a few more limps. Tuesday, nothing. Wednesday, limps again.  First when going to the pavement to the wooden bridge and that got me thinking. It seems to be when she changes surfaces.  So I put her on the grass and then made her walk on the pavement. Here is what happened.

I made an appt with the rehab vet to check her.  I had pressed and stretched on everything trying to see what was wrong. The only think I saw was this tiny  bruise on one pad. But it didnt seem like that tiny thing could cause this problem.

This morning I drove up to the rehab vet in Charlotte.  I took her around back to let her use the bathroom. I video taped her walking from the grass to the pea gravel. I saw no limping in the grass. Then look what happens.

Well at least I wont have to show her video of the limping we can just walk out back.  So I told the vet about the crash and when the limping started. She felt that if Miley hurt herself with the crash, it would have shown up before 3 days later.  First she had Miley walk the halls in the building. Nothing. Then we went in the back on the mulch, slight limp. Then we went on the pea gravel, Huge limp.
She pressed, flexed, extended every joint in both front legs. No reaction. I feel really confident that she did a through exam. The only reaction was when she pressed on the tiny bruise on her pad. Miley flinched.   Then she put on these magnifying glasses/hood thing. She said that bruise on her pad has a cut in it.  She tried to see if there was a splinter in there. Her tweezers did get caught once but she couldnt see the splinter.  She really didnt want to open the pad. She wants me to soak it for a few days and see if it gets better. If it doesnt or it gets worse, she'll have to open it and see if anything is in there. I guess that is good news, I just hope she is right.  LOL
You see that tiny spot on the second pad. Thats it. Hmmmmm

I tortured the dogs and took them to that little park on the lake to take pictures. No real walking there. Its really just for picnicking , fishing and putting your boat in.

I guess this bird isnt scared of people.

This was funny. I dont know what she was doing.

Fly by. LOL, actually I think a squirrel was in the trees.

Im glad I dont see these in the lake when I swim. Or swim the dogs. Scary teeth.


Sara said...

Poor Miley. I hope the soaking does the trick. Feet are so sensitive.

Love the fly by photo!

Sophie said...

Poor Miley! Maybe she's just anticipating the pain of harder gravel on the bruise, rather than the pain itself from the contact making her limp. Poor pup though, hope she feels better soon.

Love the photo of them both staring up toward the squirrel!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I also hope that soaking Miley's foot will help and that it will heal quickly.

I have never seen a heron so unafraid of people like that - cool photo!

corbinwooten said...

Diana, thanks for the shout out! I love your blog--have been going back and reading a bunch of your entries! Glad to know I'm not the only one crazy enough to blog about my shelties ;)

Glad to hear that Miley's injury appears to be minor. Hopefully the soaking will do the trick.

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Limps are just so frustrating! I hope she feels better soon! I know the last two months of mysterious limps has been driving Magnus and I crazy. I think the thing that's helped the most is ice, seeing the acu-massage therapist and now I warm him up and cool him down with massage before and after every walk. It takes longer, but it's worth it to keep that pesky limp away.:)) Hope she's back to normal soon!

Sam said...

Sorry to hear Miley is limping. I hope the soaks do the trick.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Maybe it is just more sensitive at the moment, so the gravel hurt more? I hope so. Was that a fish skeleton? Your wildlife seems to exotic!

Dawn said...

Hope she's OK!! Love the photos of the two of them, made me laugh when they both looked up at that squirrel. And what the heck IS that thing at the end? I'd never get in the water if I thought that thing might be in there! Do you think it swims in AL lakes? Cause I might just stop swimming all together.