Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whats up???

Well Ive been taking tons of pictures. Ive taken over 2000 pictures since I got my new camera.  LOL
On Sunday we went out on the boat. Of course the Osprey were out and I had to take some pictures.

Then when we looked for our anchor it was gone. Ugh!  Someone had been on our boat and gone thur our stuff.  I guess they needed an anchor so they took it.  The boat is at the marina and there is a locked gate. But you can still get to the boats if you have a boat. Just drive right up.  So in the pass few years they have stolen our fire extinguisher, poles that hold the boat cover up and the wake board.  We need to figure out how to lock some stuff up. We think we can add a lock to where the battery is stored. People drive me crazy.

 This stump in the water was very cool. But the lighting wasnt right. This was the best shot I got.

Here is another picture of the stump.

Someone built this. I guess the slept on the island.

Guiness rolled around in the sand and I got some cute shots of that. I'll post those pictures tomorrow on wordless Wednesday.

Yesterday Stephanie and I drove up to Chimney Rock NC.  Its about 2 1/2 hours up to that park.  It a very nice area. There is a lake there with a huge beach and its surrounded by mountains.  Its beautiful. I was to tried to stop and try to get a picture.  There is a cute little town too.

This picture was taken from the park which is above the lake and town area.

 We walked up to the waterfalls.  There were lots of people and the dogs did great.

The dogs didnt like being near the waterfall even though there wasnt much water falling.

This was a very small area with the falls and a little pond. Then all the rocks and trying to climb, keep the dogs safe and not damage my camera. It was kinda stressful. Lots of people, who were very nice about me setting up my dogs for pictures. And the dogs were good about staying right where I put them. But I just didnt have the time to really look at the shots as I took them and fix things. Plus I couldnt use the whole small area just for myself. So I didnt really get the shots I wanted.

Guiness didnt like being on the rocks or near the water.

Then I took these this morning at the park at home.


Dawn said...

"OH!" Guiness says, "I'm so glad to be home!" My brother lives near chimney rock in NC. I've never been there. Guess I should make him take me next time I'm down!

Sara said...

That park reminds me of a place around here. Love the waterfall.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

All of your pictures make me want to take up photography. I do need a new camera, but the one I get won't be anywhere near the caliber of yours. They make me dream though!

The picture above the park is my absolute favorite. It looks gorgeous there.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Aren't you glad it's 2000 digital photos and you didn't have to buy the film and have it developed! LOL!

Great photos as always!

Priscilla said...

Oh wow!! Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL especially the water ones, and the two last ones of Guiness and Miley!!!

Too bad there are people out there like that. Hope you find a way to lock your stuff up.

Marie said...

Love the parks you have around you. Fun that Stephanie went with you this time too. :-)

It is stressful to try to set up dogs for the perfect shot when there are lots of people around. I like to have plenty of time and whenever people are around I feel too rushed to get the shots I want.

Reilly / Bree said...

these are ALL awesome shots - I think you are too much of a perfectionist not to realize YOU ARE getting perfect shots already - I wish I could take photo's even half as good !!!!