Saturday, August 20, 2011

Even longer week

I cant believe I havent blogged all week.  Im really behind on reading blogs too.  And then some blogs arent letting me leave comments, very irritating.  So I just wrote a whole paragraph about whats been going on at work and how much stress its causing me. But I delete it. I dont want to get in any trouble so I guess I need to leave it at ,"Im stressed out".  I worked Miley (at agility) a little on Wednesday at a friends house.  We did easy stuff so I didnt have to think to much.
Then Thursday I went to the club. We are trying to clean up our practice agility equipment , so when the new field is ready , the  equipment will be ready. We pulled out all our jumps. They are about 12 years old and made of wood.  We went thur them to see what we needed to do to fix them. Pull the lattice off the wings. Most of the lattice is broken. The jumps were really wobbly.
 Friday, we took Stephanie to college.  She was very, very nervous.  I told her after we unloaded her stuff and got her books we would take her out to lunch.  She said, "Am I allowed to leave?".  LOL, I told her "yea it isnt jail".  This was to funny. I think she is so use to going to camps and stuff where you arent allowed to leave.  And they werent allowed to leave when they were in orientation.  But it was still funny.  Then at lunch  I said, let take bets on how long it will take for Stephanie to lock her keys in her room. I bet within 24 hours. (The doors are self closing) So then we take her back to her room to drop of her and the last of her stuff. We say goodbye. We leave and some girls come and knock on the door. We hear Stephanie open the door and step out of her room.  We are walking down the stairs and we  hear Stephanie say, "Oh crap. I locked my keys in my room". We just kept going, laughing all the way down the steps.  

On the way home we stopped a the hardware store and bought a bunch of lattice. Then my husband and son cut it all. Its to replace the lattice we removed from the old agility jumps at the club.

Then today we fixed and painted all the jumps. Tomorrow we will put all the lattice back on and hopefully be done.   At least we wont have those wobbly jumps anymore.

I worked on Mileys table some more today.  A friend of mine is at a trial and sent me a text. Her dog is having table issues. This is the third trial that the table has caused her not to "Q".  I feel bad. But we havent been training together, so I dont think is anything I have done. Its is weird though.

Here is some video of Miley's table work.  I usually put Guiness away because he will deter Miley from taking a jump or tunnel. She worries he is going to nail her. Well he did.  The reason I left him out was to use him as a distraction for getting on the table.  Hopefully I didnt make things worse.

Then this is Miley cooling off. Do you think she got wet enough?


Sara said...

I just love Guiness! And I'd say that was a good distraction, because I was watching Guiness instead of Miley.

Hope work gets better for you soon. I wish I could write about what's happening at my job right now too! But, too risky to put it all over the internet.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Guiness was a great distraction and good for Miley - she still got on the table!

I hope your situation at work ( and Sara's) improves drastically very soon! I really feel for you - hang in there!

Kathy said...

too funny about the door and the keys and Miley getting wet, LOL!