Saturday, August 13, 2011

Long week

As you know I went back to work this week.  I dont know why going to work takes so much out of me. I feel like I do more physically at home then at work. LOL  So Tuesday and Wednesday I had to help with registration.  I sit at a table by myself ( the nurse station) for 8 hours. This allows parents to come talk to me about medical problems and get forms from me.  To get ready for registration I have papers that I bring with me.  Well this summer they renovated the building that my office is in.  I packed up all my stuff and they moved it to another room.  Apparently during the summer they  made the custodians move the front office stuff 4 times.  So now everyone stuff was all mixed together.  Here is what I walked into.

I went to work an hour early both days to find stuff I needed.  How was I going to work like this on Thursday when the offical first day for staff started?   But I got lucky.  They didnt do anything to my office but paint and  and change some cabinets in a back room.   No new floors or cabinets.  So they moved me back in on Thurday. Yea!!  Im still very behind on my work, but at least Im in my office. I was stuck in my office for a couple of hours as they stripped and waxed the floors outside my office. But that was ok because I was just working on the computer anyway.
Last night I took the dogs to the park. It wasnt as hot because a storm was trying to come thur.  It never did where I was but it still dropped the tempertures.  Hardly anyone was there.  It was wonderful. Peaceful!

Can you see the tiny lizard in the middle of the photo. Cute huh?

This was just beautiful.  The bird was right in a sun spot.  Im not sure the picture really captures what it truely looked like.  Again , peaceful.

Then Guiness got the zoomies but Miley isnt going to play in the water. LOL

Its raining this morning so Im not what we will do today. Im just glad its Saturday!


Sara said...

Sounds like you needed some peaceful moments after your busy work week. I think the beginnign of the new school year is always stressful.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I would've freaked out had I gone back to work and my office looked like that! You seemed to handle it really well though and I am glad it wasn't long until you could get some stuff done. Hope next week is much better!

Kathy said...

LOl, you must have died when you saw that coming to work!!!

Cedarfield said...

I really love that last picture. It looks like a picture in a magazine or book.

Dawn said...

I loved all the photos...especially the blue heron and the last one...but the one of the Miley running toward you was cool too.

I would have freaked out totally to find my stuff in the shape you found yours. Glad it worked out though, even though it took extra hours of work. Saturdays are extra special after a tough week of work. That's for sure.

Sophie said...

I love the photos of Guiness with the zoomies! His expression in that second to last photo is just priceless. I imagine Miley was staring at him in utter disbelief too.