Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Lake Day

We went out on the lake this morning.  I didnt get very good pictures.  Or maybe Im just getting more picky.  I had my camera on the wrong setting multiple times.  I wonder how many more times Im going to make that mistakes.  Im sure at least a few more times.
Guiness had a great time chasing waves.  He only did it for a few minutes and then it just took all the energy out of him. Poor Guiness.  I did get some good pictures of him which doesnt usually happen.

I know this one isnt in great focus but I still like it.

I walked thur the island and someone had built this. It even had a Zip line.

Then I saw this.  I guess these people had a bad day. Its a pontoon boat.  Even the motor is still on it. I think I would have pulled the motor off before leaving my boat.

No much else is going on. Its hot as all heck here, but thats nothing new.  We pretty much dont go outside during the day. We do things in the morning or evening.  Miley is bored.  Ive started doing some simple training.  Like walking around jumps and clicking and treating for her staying at my side and not circling.   Or if I stop, to come to my side  and not go into circling mode. 
I got my hair cut this week.  The lady who cuts my hair has been out all summer because she broke her ankle.  She is back now. Its the worst hair cut ever.  I cant get it to do anything. Ugh!  I keep telling myself it will grow but its not growing fast enough.


Berts Blog said...

Fish brains, even your worst pictures are the best. You are such a good photographer. No matter what your settings are, there is a glamor to it.

Keep shooting and showing, even if you think they are not up to your personal standards. Me and My Vickie love each and everyone.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Love the photos of Guiness! The exercises you are doing with Miley sound great! Sorry about the haircut - it will grow out - but what a pain in the meantime.

Jules said...

Fabulous pictures of Guinness!

Sophie said...

I LOVE that first photo of Guiness! He's a really lovely looking boy, and those waves obviously enthused him.

Those are a bunch of great shots all round, even if you don't think they're that good.

Kathy said...

Bad hair cuts are the WORST!!! Hope it behaves better once it grows out just a tad or you figure out a way to make it be good hair ;-)

Dawn said...

I bet someone at work is going to say "great haircut!" LOL! And I too love your photos even if you don't always. So fun to see Guiness all worked up about the waves..He's such a pretty boy.