Sunday, March 20, 2011

Run thurs and other stuff

Yesterday we had agility run thurs at the field. It was very hot.  Sunny and 85 degrees. The poor dogs.  They all did really well. I think we arent adjusted for the heat yet. For my first run I tried to make it seem just like a  trial.  No free running or going on the field ahead of time.  When it was almost my turn I warmed her up just like I would at a trial.  I was most interested to see what she would do at the table. So I set my camera up toward the  table. I wish I had zoomed in  some to be able to see better.  She got right on the table. No problem. After my count, I ran out of the ring to reward.  After that I came back in and finished the course. (that part wasnt like a trial)  She had great contacts  except the teeter.  She did her old behavior but thats not surprising and I know I have more work to do.  She had great weaves too.  I had bad handling. I tried not to do any front crosses, only rears on the first run but It didnt work great.  So my second run I did do front crosses.  The second run was much better but she had a bad teeter. I didn bring her back to re due it and the second time she got it right. (Some good news is I finally figured out how to edit video on my new camera)

I woke to a bad dream this morning. I was dreaming that a snake bit my finger and wouldnt let go. I grabbed it behind the head and kept squeezing but it wouldnt let go. I ran outside ( I dont know why I was inside and a snake bit me) and started screaming for someone to help me, but no one would. People kept walking by me and no one would stop to help. I kept pleading for help but no one would. Then I woke up. I know why it was a dream about snakes. On Friday night I watched a show about a guy who got bitten by a snake on the hand. I hate snakes. And now that its warm, they will be showing up at the parks. Ugh! I think that no one would help me had to do with things going on right now and I feel in over my head. One: My son isnt doing well at college. There is no way he is going to pass this quarter, IMO. And the worse part is he isnt even trying. If he were trying and couldnt do it, I would be more understanding. But I read one of his papers and he put no effort into it at all. So I told him, when he flunks out this time. He has 6 weeks to get a job and then he has to get out of the house. I just dont know what else to do. Ive tried everything else. He needs a reality check on why college is important and why you should work hard to achieve success. So I feel like a horrible mom for kicking my kid out of the house. This is the hardest thing Ive ever had to do and I feel sick over it. Why is he being like this. We arent lazy parents. We all work hard. Stephanie isnt like this. She has goals and wants to do things with her life. I may not agree with every thing she wants to do but at least she has goals. Lou has no goals and I have no idea why.Ugh, This is making my life horrible. Its on my mind constantly.
Two: The big school field trip in which we take 900 kids on buses to Myrtle Beach for a lunch at Medieval Times. I have to teach all the teachers to give medications so they can take care of the kids on thier bus. They have to be taught to give epi-pens and inhalers. At least no rectal valuim for seizures this time. Then trying to make sure that the parents listed the medication on the permission slips. Calling them , some of them , based on the students medical condition, I tell them they have to send the medication or their kid cant go on the field trip. That makes me popular. I scared that Im going to miss someone and the teachers arent good about sending me the permission slips with medications on them like they are suppose to. So I email them and ask them if the student is going on the field trip and they say "oops, sorry I missed that one". And then they send it to me. All this is stressful, being solely responsible for this. Ugh!
Three: Be the trial chair for the club's agility trial. I dont want anything to go wrong. There is just to much to list here of things that I need to keep track of but its a lot. Why did I agree to do this? I guess because no one else would do it. I dont even want to talk about all the problems here and how people in the group keep quiting. Im not a good leader and I never said I was either. Most leaders make you want to join and help out and I dont think I instill that in people. Im truly not a people person.
Four: We are losing our agility field that the club uses. I guess we'll have to put the stuff in storage but that means we cant use it. I feel a lot of responsibility to try and find a field too. Why, well I guess I really like going to the field. Lots of room to run my dog, which I dont have in my backyard. Not sure how we are going to fix this problem.
Five: My back is killing me for the last two days. I hiked 4 miles on Friday and then Saturday morning it was really hurting. The only thing I can think of is that Im compensating for my ankle and stressing my back. Then running agility yesterday, that tiny little bit, has killed me. Ugh! I guess Im going to have to go to the doctor because I dont know what else to do. I cant live like this. Ugh!


Sara said...

Oreo's chiro doctor says Oreo's back has issues a lot, because he is compensating for pain elsewhere. So, maybe that is why your back is hurting so much lately.

Boy! You do have a lot of stress going on right now, and a lot on your plate.

But hey! Miley did the table!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

First of all - WooHoo - Miley did the table and looked great!!!!

Sorry about all the stressful stuff going on. I think stress also causes a lot of back problems. Probably not what you want to hear. At least you stress out over real events unlike me - I just stress over tiny things. LOL!

Hang in there - I do remember the 900 kid field trip from last year and know too that you have been trial chair before and you have survived and done really well. Try to at least relax and realize you can do it!

Dawn said...

Well, I'm excited for the table thing with Miley, you've worked so hard on that. It's cool to see her jump right on it.

But the rest? Odd, I was thinking about your son a couple of days ago and wondering how school was going for him. I remember when you told us about moving to your city so he could attend a school that was a better fit for him. I remember thinking there weren't many parents out there anywhere that would do that makes you amazing parents. So don't get down on yourself if he's not motivated. That's something he'll have to come to in his own time, if he does.

I have a friend that had to do the same thing with her son..ask him to move out when he didn't meet expectations It has to be terribly difficult...but I don't think you're wrong to ask him to grow up. If school's not his thing, than he needs to figure out how he's going to support himself.

And all the agility stuff? Wow. That is just added stress you don't need right now. Someone needs to step up and help you. Have you asked for help? You have so much going on right now.

The school nurse thing would totally freak me out. I couldn't imagine being responsible for that many kids and teachers. When you're training the teachers maybe you can emphasis A LOT how important it is to get the permission slips to you in time for you to coordinate everything. All the adults need to be responsible. Not just you.

Geeze...I know this didn't help, but maybe knowing we're all out here pulling for you will!!!

Hope the doctor can help your back. On top of everything else, that has to be the last straw.


Elayne said...

It sounds like you've been a great parent for your son and though I know it's hard I think you're making a great decision. If it was my kid I'd do the exact same thing. I have an uncle who never did that for his daughter, financially supported her (and her drug addictions) for her whole life and now she's in her forties and can't take care of herself. He finally cut her off but I think she could have had an easier, less tragic life if he'd done it when she was in her 20's or even her late teens. You've given him a great start in life but at some point he has to learn to take over for himself and pushing him to do it is hard but a ultimately a great gift for him.

As for the school stuff, yikes.

Kathy said...

YIKES! no wonder you are having bad dreams, that is a lot of stress. Sorry about your back, boy it is amazing how you compensate and then hurt yourself elsewhere, hope you get tht all straightened out soon, I know how hard it is, esp with all the stress last thing you need is a sore back. YIPPIE for Miley and her table, your videos have looked great, what a good girl she is.

Anonymous said...


I so feel your pain. My son is a mystery to me. We got a notice of academic probation for him due to his poor grades in the fall. I don't know what to do. He says he wants to finish school, but he can't seem to put any effort into it. It is so frustrating. I had a huge anxiety attack this weekend because it seems like he is slipping back into some old bad habits. I think that we are going to end up having to kick him out of the house as well. It sucks. I keep thinking, "we didn't raise him to be like this". My daughter is so responsible and does so well in school, I don't know where we went wrong with the boy. Sometimes I think I just loved him a bit too much. I didn't make him work for anything. Ack. I dunno. And we are losing club's agility arena as well. Well, we have until July to find something else.....

Marie said...

I feel stress taking care of people's dogs and their meds and food and stuff, I can only imagine how much more stress I'd feel if I was dealing with children...and 900 at that! I'd be having nightmares too.

As for your son, I think you are doing him a favor making him take responsibility for his decisions. But again, I can only imagine how difficult this is for you.

I am so happy that Miley did her table at the run thru! It's awesome. :-)

I hope that your club is able to find a new field for the club to keep their equipment and to be able to train.