Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeling better

Sorry for the terrible post. I shouldnt post or read blogs went Im feeling bad.  I feel much better now.

This picture cracks me up.  

And dont worry, I have lots of help running the agility trial. I just take to much to heart.  And I hate when people come and complain but thats just part of it. People always complain.  Ill just do the best I can.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad you are feeling better but no need to apologize for writing posts when you feel bad - I like to know how you are doing!

That photo of Miley is hilarious!!

Sophie said...

Oh, Miley - always a classy, beautiful girl. :)

Just popping in here to say I really enjoy reading your blog, and try not to let things get you down! I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Aww, Miley, you're filthy! Haha. I forget who I was talking to the other day, someone who had just returned from a trip down south who was commenting about the red dirt. Ah, I know that dirt well!

I admire you for taking on the responsibility of being a trial chair. I know I would never be able to handle that much pressure.

Kathy said...

hahaha, OOOH MILEY! ya know as long as you have done your best....there will be always people that will second guess and complain, it is a hobby for some and we all see things differently...;-) hope you are just very proud of the job you did!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Cracks me up too.
Sorry you're having a bad run of things lately. I hope your son gets his Bum into gear!

Sara said...

I think it speaks a lot for a person's character when they take every role in life seriously. That's what you do, and I admire you for it.

Reilly / Bree said...

Ahhhh fond memories of the beach, at least it washed out.

Beaches are a good analogy for life, let the waves of dissent wash over and be footsteps free when they part. It's THEIR problem not yours.

Priscilla said...

So glad that you're feeling better now. I enjoy reading your blogs and knowing what you're doing. There are ups and downs in our life, so it's okay to complain. We all do!!!
Miley looks great and happy in the picture and I hope you've a great week ahead!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

3) I filled a script last week for Diastat (the rectal valium). The directions were, "Use for seizures lasting longer than 3 minutes." I feel so bad for those people! To have a long-ish seizure and then need a rectal insertion? Worst few minutes ever.

4) I hope your back feels better. I saw an interesting thing once that looked like a map of feet. It showed which parts of your feet correspond to which parts of your body, for example the balls of your feet might connect to your head (causing headaches), the arch might connect to your back. If you are compensating for your ankle, it might be because you're overusing a certain part of your foot. If you Google "foot reflexology map" you'll probably find it.

5) Good luck being trial chair! I hope that people appreciate your hard work and effort.

Finally, definitely don't worry about posting anything negative. I did a few posts ago when I was feeling really crappy and useless after an obedience class. I felt like I was just whining, but in reality, it's your blog. You don't post only for the benefit of others. It's important and cathartic to post the bad with the good.

Also, congrats on Miley's table at the match!

Marie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today and you're right, some people are always going to find something to complain about, but there are also a lot of people who appreciate all the time and effort that goes into putting on the trials that we all enjoy, it's just unfortunate that they usually aren't as loud as the complainers. LOL

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Oh come on..I just realized it only posted the second half of my comment.

Here's the first.

Omg...I typed out the longest comment on my phone which is hard enough, then my internet kept going out and apparently it erased it. Unless it sent it, in which case I'm sorry for flooding you with comments!

1) I'm sorry about your dream - that sounds creepy! It reminds me of one I had a bit ago. I'm pretty sure it was from watching an episode of Fatal Attractions on Animal Planet, about a guy who kept a pack of iguanas or something who ate him. Anyway, in my dream, I got bit by a certain kind of poisonous spider on my foot whose venom makes your organs liquefy. It was after a big storm and there were downed trees blocking the road so I couldn't drive to the hospital, but when I picked up the phone to call 911, the lines were dead too. So it was a pretty awful dream, particularly the moment I realized I had no chance of surviving.

2) I'm sorry about your son. I don't have any parental advice because I'm more in your son's position. I know school is important and I know I need an education to get any kind of decent, comfortable living. But I can't get motivated enough to do it. I understand how your son may feel, but I have no idea of the reasoning. I do have a suggestion though. Before kicking him out completely, give him an option. Insist he sees a counselor or psychologist or something. I'm not saying he's depressed or anything, but they'd at least be able to ask him questions to make him realize what he's doing and put things in perspective. The feeling of just not caring, but knowing you should, really isn't a good feeling at all. But if he refuses to, then by all means, kick him out. Especially if you're paying for his schooling! Then, if he refuses he's just taking advantage of your generosity and that should end. Then it's even moreso of his choice, or lack thereof. But please don't blame yourself for it.

Amy Wood said...

Miley looks like she had a good run through the mud. And she's still a beauty! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope things turn around for the better soon!

Dawn said...

Lovely pic of Miss Miley! LOL! Glad you're feeling better...and don't apologize...where else but here to let all those bad feelings go? How's your son doing?

Cynthia said...

It's okay to post when feeling bad! I do it too. Sometimes we just need to vent. :)