Friday, March 25, 2011

Long Week

All I have to say about work is "Mean people suck"!  The End.  LOL
Its been a very busy week and when I havent been busy,  Ive been to tired to post on the blog.   Monday I help teach the co-op agility class.  I think I figured out why my backs been hurting.  I think when I wear the splint the ortho guy gave me,it must make me walk different and causes my back muscles to hurt.  So Monday at the field I didnt use the splint and just taped it up the way the doctor showed me. It worked great and I was able to run.  Mondays class went well except that when I first got there I let Miley run around while I helped set the course.  So if cars came by she ran the fence line. No biggy right?  It runs off excess energy.  So then we run the course. She was a wild women.  She was taking off for almost all jumps way to early and dropping the bars. It was unbelievable. What the heck was she thinking.   So I had someone tape my next run thur so I could see what she was doing.( crazy dog).  That run she didnt take off early but  jumped off the teeter, left the weaves early to go to the tunnel and didnt wait for her release on the a-frame.

I cant remember if we ever got our act together. So then that night I came home and SG's webnair was on my email. I listened to it and figured out what happened.   She said that if your dog is more stimulated by their environment  than you, you will not be connected on course. You dog may run the course but  you wont be in sync. You will have off courses and wide turn.  ( she said something like that, and I wrote what I think I heard)  So letting my dog run around and do her own thing  was a biggy. LOL  Now I know.
On Wednesday I taught a beginning agility class for our club.  Well, they have already been thur the first  class and now Im teaching them contacts and weaves.   They seem like a really good group.  Im not sure Im the best person to be teaching all this stuff but its better than no one.  I would really like more people in our club to be interested in doing agility . So if we dont offer classes that will never happen.  Most of the people there said they would like to trial their dog when they are ready, so thats exciting.  I ran Miley before the class started. I set up  the course from Loralei's blog. Here is the link to the blog post with the course map.

What a fun little course. We had no real trouble running except for me.  I again just sport taped my ankle. It hurt to run,  I just couldnt get to where I needed to be. The one time I was just getting to the dogwalk and she was finished waiting for me. Poor dog.  We had a couple of really wide turns because of my slowness but we stayed on course.  Oh, I forget to say Ive had no back pain all week.  Monday and Tuesday I didnt need any pain medicine for the first time in a long time. So I really think its the splint but I couldnt run on Wednesday. So, Im not sure what to do.

Tonight a few of us met at the field to run courses.  I set up an excellent JWW course. I decided to do all the setting up and walking the course before putting the splint on. Im only going to wear it when I run the course. So thats what I did. We'll see how my back  is tomorrow.   I didnt let my dog run around before hand.  Here was one problem I had, well Im not sure problem is the right word.  I was able to get her to tug before running the course (one time).  Right at the start line. WhooHoo. Ive been working all week just tugging by the agility equipment in my yard. We still have a long way to go but its a start. Do you know what happened when I had her tug at the startline.  She didnt go away from me when running and I kept pulling her off jumps.   She was more with me if you know what I mean.  That was different and difficult for me to handle.  It was just that one run that I had her tugging. The rest of the time we did the usual routine.  I couldnt run this jumpers course correctly if my life depended on it.  Before I got hurt we were doing so well staying on course. Ugh, now Im  back to where I started.  I got the wrong tunnel entrance on #15 several times ( just like when I ran it at the trial last July) I finally had to go to the right side of #16 to pull her into the correct tunnel entrance and then call her  over 16 when she came out of the tunnel. (if that makes sense).

It was still lots of fun and Im just beat.  The lady with the yorkies was just awesome. She started last year in our class. Maybe she needs to be teaching the classes and  helping me, not the other way around. LOL
P.S, I hope there arent to many mispelling and stuff. Im just really tired but I wanted to post something.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

You are so busy that I am not surprised that you are tired! So sorry that your back and ankle are still so painful. You're probably right about your ankle brace making your back hurt but it's all a vicious cycle!

Miley's table was totally awesome in the video!! I am surprised she was able to do it when she was so high from chasing cars. I need to have cars outside the ring at the next trial so that Ricky will be over the top! LOL!

I would take agility classes with you in a second if I could!


Sara said...

Yorkies doing agility? I've only seen one compete ever, and was amazed. I love those dogs, but always think,"Oh, but they're not agility dogs." Maybe they are?

Anyway, Glad to hear that your back is doing better. I watched the SG webinar too. It was very interesing.

LauraK said...

Sounds like you've been busy- I can see why you're worn out! I watched SG's webinar as well, and I couldn't believe that she came up with 10 or 11 reasons why dogs don't come- and they all made sense! That lady sure knows what she's talking about. Hope your weekend is relaxing!

Dawn said...

I'm worn out and all I did was READ about your day! If I lived nearby I'd take agility classes from you in a second. I know everyone there is grateful you take on the task too! I haven't watched the video yet, too busy telling Katie to stop barking at the deer in the backyard..but I will!

Hope that ankle gets better soon before it totally ruins your back!!

Marie said...

I agree with everyone else, I don't know how you get all the things done that you manage to do and then you post about besides. When I get crazy busy, I don't even bother posting.

Interesting observations about how the tugging before the one run affected how Miley ran the course with you. Definitely interesting.