Friday, March 4, 2011

Day #1

I forgot to tell you that my phone wasnt working yesterday morning when I got ready to leave. I got in the  car and  the bluetooth couldnt connect. I looked at the phone and it had all these weird numbers and letters on the screen. It wouldnt let me do anything. My only choice was to take the battery out.  Ugh,I did that and then had to reactivate my phone. Then set up all the google stuff again.  Somethings I lost were, all my pictures and videos on had on the phone. Not that big a deal except I had video taped the sports trainer who should me how to wrap my ankle, so I could remember how to do it. But I did remember today, good thing. One thing I guess I never saved to the SD card in the phone, was my notes. Ugh! So all that information was lost. Crap!  But at least I was able to get the phone working for the trip. It was making me nervous thinking about going without a phone. Funny, I use to travel all the time before phones and it wasnt a problem.  Its weird how we depend on things now.

I felt much better when I woke up this morning. I think I was just really tried yesterday. I woke up and it was pouring down rain. Sunny and beautiful when I left to go to the site. Cloudy and windy during the morning and I had to wear a sweatshirt. Partly sunny in the afternoon. And this evening, as soon as we finished the camp,  it pour down rain and was still pouring when I got to the hotel.  Weird weather.
My ankle hurts but never when Im running. Its seems to hurt when I stop. And then at the end of the day when I took that sports wrap off, holy moly  it was killing me. I think it is wrapped so tight that when I take the tape off all the blood starts flowing and it starts throbbing.  I hope it holds out for 2 more days.  My back isnt to happy either.  I guess Im going to have to get that rechecked when I get home. Every time I think about driving home, it makes me feel ill. LOL 
They had a contest on who came the furthest to get to camp.  There were a couple of people from Connecticut and someone who went from  Wisconsin to Arizona then to Florida.  Then another lady that came from Australia just for the camp.  24 hours is a plane, not fun.
The footing at the site is great. I was worried it would be to soft and I might turn my ankle but it seems just right. Soft but not to soft.  Today my group was with Jennifer Crank. I really liked working with her.We worked all day on lateral sends. Who know there was so much to know.   I would show  you some of my runs but I didnt run anything well. Miley was way wide or jumping in extension. I have lots of work to do.  Im late on my lateral sends, so she is jumping in extension , instead of hugging the side.
One nice thing is they give you course maps. I think I got 3-4. It helps so much, instead of me trying to figure out distances ect.  This was the last set up of the day. First we ran the circled numbers.  Im still stuck in my front cross but I knew that was a problem that I need to work on. Then next we ran the square numbers.  Ugh, did we struggle. We couldnt even get #1-#3 right. It took several trys with me treating to get her to listen and me to get my arms and shoulders right. It was a threadle that was handled on the inside bring her around the right side of jump three. You could have handled it by pulling them between jump #2 and #3 but I didnt run it that way.  Then #7-#9 was a serpentine which I handle that way but she cut behind me after number 8 so , she didnt take 9.  After I was done I remembered something.  This was the same course  set up that Miley cut behind me at Linda M. camp this summer. It looks like I never practiced that huh?  So I have in  big letters on my paper to practice the stuff on this page. ( just note that there were several ways to handle the sequences and she talked about all of them.)
Sorry , no pictures. I like to put pictures with my post but I never got around to taking any except with my phone and those I posted on facebook. They dont look good on blogger because they just aren't crisp enough. I'll do better tomorrow. 


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry about all the trouble with your phone and your ankle still hurting so much! But I am glad you enjoyed working with Jenn all day! Hard to believe an entire day can be spent on lateral sends! Bet it was fun though! Good luck tomorrow and hope the weather cooperates.(nonstop rain here all day since about 9:00AM)

Sam said...

I'm glad your ankle is holding up and it seems like a productive camp so far! Is this common down South? We don't really have camps here, only 1 day seminars for the most part.

Dawn said...

Hope the ankle holds up! Sounds like you're learning a lot, but it's exhausting just reading about it all! Wish I could just pop down and drive you home! How does Miley do on those LONG drives?

Kathy said...

that has got to be so much harder having the ankle, that was such bad timing hurting it now...but there is never a good time I guess ;-), glad you are able to do what you wanted to do though ;-), Jennifer C would be fantastic to be able to work with everyone seems to love working with her. HOw nice to give out course maps, you know not a huge thing for them to do, a little extra time but boy what a wonderful thing to make it so much nicer for the participants! Good for them! Hang in there-glad the footing is good at least considering that poor ankle.

Diana said...

Sam, camps are usually multiple days. Seminars are usually one day. Ive been to camps in different parts of the country. So I think they are all over.

Dawn, Miley travels great in the car. Slept the whole way down here.