Monday, November 29, 2010

Well, this was depressing.

I decided to go through my trial journal to see when exactly  my table issue started.  It was really depressing seeing what went on.  Why didnt I do this sooner?  Why was I writing all this down if I wasnt going to read it? ( dont feel like you need to read this or comment. I really just did it for my own benefit)

09/27/08   1st trail(akc) ,   jumped on and off the table several times.
09/28/08   got on table
12/20/09   2nd trial(usdaa),  got on table
01/2409    3rd trail (akc)   didnt get on table.
01/25/09   got on table, took a long time to go into a down.
04/04/09  4th trial (akc)   got on table.  It was the only day I wrote stuff about the trial.
04/19/09   5th trial ( akc)  got on table.
05/30/09  6th trial (akc)   ran by table.
05/31/09   ran around table 4 times.
This next trial is when I realized I really had a problem.  wonder why I didnt notice it sooner?  It was already a problem. A big problem. Ugh!
07/02/09  7th trail (akc)  got on table without any problems.
07/03/09  I didnt write anything about the table being a problem. but got whistled off the course for training in ring.
09/19/09 8th trail. (akc)  jumped on and off the table, then circled me a lot.
09/20/09  wouldnt get on table.
09/25/09  GCOC trial,  This was our trial.I didnt write anything for the 3 days.
10/10/09  10th trial (akc).   did a great table.
10/11/09  No sure about the table on this run.
10/17/10 11th trial (akc)  I didnt write anything about the table
10/18/10  again didnt write anything about table
11/7/09 12th trial (akc)  jumped on and off table and circled me 3 time times
11/08/09  jumped on and off table I moved on .
12/30/09 13th trial,  I didnt put her on the table on this run
12/31/09 didnt put her on table
01/1/10  got on table on 2nd try.
01/22/10 14th trial.  (akc), wouldnt get on table, stress circling
01/23/10  didnt have her do the table
02/20/10 15th trial,  (akc)  didnt have her do the table
02/21/10  didnt have her do the table
02/27/10 16th trail (usdaa)  didnt do any runs with table
03/13/10  17th trail (akc)  Looks like I couldnt avoid. the table so she jumped on and off and we kept going
03/14/10  didnt have her do the table.
04/03/10 18th trial, Looks like I didnt enter standard
04/09/10 19th trial. didnt get on table.
04/11/10  didnt have her do the table.
04/24/10 20th trial ( usdaa) didnt do any runs with tables
05/01/10 21st trail. (akc)  didnt have her do the table
5/29/10  22dn trail (usdaa) didnt do any runs with tables
7/3/10 23rd trail. (akc) didnt get on table started circling.
7/16/10 24th trail (usdaa) ran standard.  Didnt try to get her on the table. Just had her come next to me, and sit right next to the table. That was no problem.

So out of all the runs that I have table information on, and ones that I attempted to get her on the table, 6 times she got on without any problems,  14 times showed some type of problem.  I went through my course maps to see if I wrote anything else down, when I didnt write it in the trial journal.  I just cant go through the video right now. Its to depressing.  When I start feeling more positive and feeling  like I cant tackle this problem again, Ill go through the video.

So lets see something happy and beautiful!


tervnmal said...

Table problem or not, that is a beautiful picture of a beautiful dog! You'll figure it out. Do you ever feed her meals on the table?

Sara said...

Boy, you keep good records! You must have been an accountant in your previous life.

Hey, if you get really depressed, I've got a great shredder I can loan you :)

Noah said...

She is definatly beautiful and sure looks happy! Granted I don't know what all you are going thru since Noah's chances for competition were shot down a few months back. But I do know one thing, you have beautiful and amazing dogs and that alone is enough to make me smile. Don't get down on yourself, just get down on the floor and love on em! LOL

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I am beginning to think that record keeping is a BAD idea! LOL! Seriously let go of all those things that happened in the past and think of the future! You can't beat yourself up about the past - what good does it do? (I have the same problem and have to keep telling myself the same things)!

I totally love that photo of Miley!

Diana said...

Ricky and Sara, you guys are too funny!! Thanks.

Tervnmal, yep tried that but thanks.


Marie said...

That is a gorgeous picture of Miley in the leaves!

I know I don't have much room to talk, since I get discouraged about my training too, but from my point of view, the list of things that I see you and Miley excel in is much, much longer than this table list.

oddman said...

I have a Sheltie. I have the same problem. I've also fed her meals on the table (she loves it). She doesn't have issues in practice. But at trials? So, it's gotta be me doing something at a trial, right? Gotta love Shelties, little mindreaders that they are. :)

Good luck with your table, you'll get it solved, as will I.


Morganne said...

Good job on keeping records. Now write about all the awesome positive things that happened on course at trials! I bet there is a big list!

Priscilla said...

You're so organised, Diana.

I'm secretly wondering whether I should be happy that Eva isn't fit enough for agility now : )

What you've done is so amazing!

Kathy said...

I think the records just show a dog that maybe was stressed and got more stressed or decided the table was really to be avoided.. but you know that, and really it is all just info, you know where you are now and you know where you want to be, like SG says, the middle part is just dog training, and hopefully like Morganna said you are keeping good records of the good stuff too, I know there are other issues Miley has had through her career, like all dogs, and those issues have all gotten so much better or resolved-you found very brilliant solutions, just like this one will eventually get handled...because you are a doer and a fantastic dog trainer and you love Miley.... so hope you pat yourself on the back for those too!!! I think if it was me, I would go through the video of the times she went onto the table and see what was going on then, making more of a "to do" list of things that help and imprinting your memory more of her actually doing it to help build your confidence which will transfer to the ever so smart Miley.

Diana said...

Kathy and Morganne, both very good ideas. Thanks, Diana

Cynthia said...

ah yeah notes are a good thing. When I wrote down notes about Levi in agility (my smooth collie) most of them said "no weaves" "didn't enter weaves" "didn't finish weaves". We had weave problems for years.

I finally pulled him from trialing (dang that's hard) trained and made the weaves happy, and that got him through his AXP and AJP in agility. they fell apart again though, so I retired him. I think he was about 9 then.

AC said...

Smiling dogs make me happy! Beautiful picture.

Gosh, I'm certainly no help with anything agility, but I feel ya. I was just thinking this morning about haw I really need to work on some of Kona's dog-dog skills. I started worrying that her behavior was turning for the worse, then started thinking back...way back...yup, puppy class...she's always been like this...why didn't I do something sooner...Alright, there's work to be done!

Brittany said...

Obstacle issues are so frustrating! Sorry the Table has been such an ongoing problem for you guys.

The picture is gorgeous as always!