Sunday, November 21, 2010

Practice and stuff

Yesterday we held our co-op agility class.  I pulled a set up I saw on someone's blog( video) and just kinda guess at the distances.  Then we all try to run it.  The first couple were easy. But then it got  much harder.  I dont  think I ran any of the harder ones with out either going off course or dropping a bar. It looks like she dropped the bars either taking off to early or I gave late cues.   It makes me wonder if we should be trialing if we cant run these sequences correctly at home.  The only trial Ive signed up for is a USDAA trail at the beach.  Its a small trial that feels more like a b-match.  Im just going to work on start line stays.  If she breaks, we will leave the ring.  I have  a few more weeks until  that trial.  Will see how that goes and decided if we should be trialing.
This was the easy course.

This was the more complicated course.

It took several tries to get this right.  I need to work on wraps.  We had lots of trouble getting them.  I didnt post any of the bad runs, I just deleted them.  LOL  Only remember the positive.  She didnt break any start lines so that was good.  But Im sure at the trial , she will.

We took a walk at the park.  Some of the trees were just beautiful. Well, I just cant get any pictures now to load to blogger.  Ugh!!!!!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

You guys look good to me! It is awesome to see you and Miley practicing again! Very inspiring for us!

Sam said...

Those runs looked really good! Wraps are not our strong point, either. I really should probably do NADAC with Marge because she is all about the go,go,go involved on courses with a lot of straight lines. She loves it!

Sara said...

I thought you guys looked great, and your "easy" course wasn't all that easy.

Going to the trial with one goal in mind sounds like a great idea.

Marie said...

I agree with Sara, the "easy" course looked challenging too. It is nice to see you two out running again. I hope the trial goes well.