Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hey Look!

I went to one of Meagan's classes for the first time in 5 months.  After class I thought I would see if Miley would get on the table.  Last time I was at a class there , she would not.  But look, no problem.   Its not the best photo, it was taken with my phone.  I tried to watch all her body movements to make sure she wasnt showing any signs of stress.  I didnt see anything.  One thing I know I do a lot, is make the table last in a sequence. I was thinking maybe thats why its such a negative.  Its the end of the fun.  So Im trying to make sure I never finish with the table.   Will see what happens this weekend.

Here are a couple of the courses we ran.  I had the most trouble with the first one.  Im not sure the distances are correct.  I know the jumps were tight and the tunnels were close to the jumps.  If you care about what I had trouble with you can read the stuff I wrote on the course map.

Fun class, Im glad  I went.  Thanksgiving was fun.  My husband got up early Thursday, helped my mom put the turkey in and then went to run a 5K race. He ran in the Turkey Trot they had in Savannah.  He think he did all that before I got  up.  LOL .  My son didnt come to Thanksgiving. He had to work Thursday.  Then Friday morning he called me and he was feeling terrible.  It was a really bad cold but seemed worse than a cold.  I thought maybe he was getting the flu but he never go a fever. (he had his flu shot too).  He was miserable Friday and Saturday.  Today he seemed much better.  Still had all the cold symptoms just didnt feel that miserable feeling all over.  Good thing too,because he had to go back to school today.
Here is the bunny squirrel that is at my moms house.


Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Ahhh. . . I got so excited to see Miley on that table!:)) Isn't it funny how a simple thing can bring us a smile! She looks pretty happy too! Congrats thats awesome!!

Sara said...

That's awesome! Yay Miley!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hey, look at happy Miley on the table!! Since she did the table at class, she WILL do it at the trial (power of positive thinking, lol!)

Glad you went to class! The courses definitely looked tough. On the first one, was the dog on the left to start? If so, Miley cut behind you when you did the lead out? With #6 to 7, I know you aren't supposed to say the dog's name as a turning cue but did you say "Miley" as an attention cue before she committed to #6 so that she could look and see you wanted #7 instead of #8? Just curious..
We would've liked no lead out and all front crosses much more too!

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving but sorry that your son was sick - :(

Nicki said...

Yay! Persistence pays off!

Lian said...

Fantastic!! WooHoo! I can't wait to see Miley gets on the table at trials!

Diana said...

Ricky, when I did the moving front cross, yes she was on the left. When I tried to do the lead out push ( or call to heel type thing), I was out passed #2, calling her over that jump, then tried to move toward #3. Thats when she kept taking the red #2. Something to practice. I think when I practice I dont have any off course jumps out there, so she always knows where to go. I need to remember to put out extra jumps so she has to make a choice. Diana

Kathy said...

Glad you had a good class and a good thanksgiving, but I hope your son is feeling better. Miley looks very beautiful on the table, she is such a good girl.

Morganne said...

Wow! You chose some difficult strategies on that course. Tough rear crosses. I think I would have done a front cross instead of a LOPush.

I frequently begin each training sequence with Summit in 20/20 position on the dw or aframe. He doesn't perform the obstacle, just uses it as a launch pad ;-)

I figure it can't hurt to have fun begin with the 20/20 position. Maybe try the same thing with the table?

Miley looked very happy on the table.

Cynthia said...

Nice picture! :) If only we could get into their heads. I know Levi's weave problems were because of stress. He was my first agility dog, and I thought... he could never weave. Well, he didn't, ever, well... LOL.

I want to go run a 5K again. Been years since I've been jogging though. And now it's too cold... always an excuse. :p