Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Beach

The weekend before last we went to Huntington State park Beach.  The weather was great. We had some rain on Friday night but that's it.  It was kind of windy but we needed the wind because it was so hot.

It was nice an quiet in the mornings on the beach.  Even though the park was full.

Stephanie also came for the weekend. She lives in Conway, which takes about 40 minutes for her to get to the park. So this time, she just stayed with us. She brought her tent, just to practice setting it up. It was the first time and she wanted to make sure she could do it.

Last time we were here, we didn't see any alligators. This time we saw lots.  There is this bridge from the front of the park, to the beach part of the park. There is a lagoon there. In the lagoon were all the alligators. There are bike paths that go across the bridge on both sides. Its go to take pictures.  There are 5 alligators sitting on the low lying sand bank.

We cooked over the open fire a lot. Only because Stephanie wanted to. That's to much work for me. Cleaning that cast iron skillet is not my idea of fun. LOL  But the food was good.

The birds were all on the causeway (lagoon) area too.

Miley is really slowing down, as she has gotten older. They didnt play chase as much as they usually do.

We are pretty sure this bird just like to play with the fish before eating them. Because he just kept throwing them in the air, multiple times, before swallowing them.

Its always sad to leave the beach and Stephanie.


Sara said...

Looks like a great time. I often think about moving south when I retire, but then I remember the alligators and snakes. I don't know if I can deal with that! shoveling snow vs. reptiles...hmmm, which is worse? LOL.

Dawn said...

What a great time you had! Do the dogs like to sleep in the tent with Stephanie? Katie LOVES to camp in HER tent. With me. But don't you worry about the alligators getting into the campground?

I'm sorry Miley is slowing down. So is Katie. It's hard to watch. She sure is beautiful. I see Java is still running hard. She's so cute. Hope they all adjust to the puppy soon!

Diana said...

The alligators have never come into the camp site area that I know of. It would be a little bit of a walk for them and hopefully they would be noticed.