Sunday, May 8, 2016

How to make your life harder!!

Get a puppy!!  LOL,  Yes I did. I got another dog.  Miley is struggling in agility.  She just takes off way to early, with jumping, so I figured I better get started training another dog.  And now Im feeling really tired and thinking this maybe my last puppy. Because boy am I tried!!

Here she is at 10 weeks. She is from Blackmyst Shelties in Minnesota .

Her litter name is Blur.  Im still trying to pick a name.

She has lots of energy , happy and fun. Some names Im throwing around are Pip, Busy and Zora.

She was flown in  last Friday to Atlanta.  My friend  was picking her up for me because  she was suppose to come in at 6:30pm and I couldnt get there in time. We'll the flight never took off due to mechanical problems.  The plane finally took off at 6pm and she landed at 9:10pm. Then it took about 1 hour  to get them off the plane and over to the cargo area.  So my very nice friend went back to  the airport and got her. The crate was soaked with urine but besides that she seemed ok.  

So far none of the dogs like her or will play with her. I hope that changes. Over the last week, everyone has started to adjust except Java. Which I figured would happen.


Sara said...

She's precious! Happy Mother's Day!

Dachshund Nola said...

How adorable! Congratulations. :)

Lauren Miller said...

She's so cute! Congrats!

Dawn said...

Another puppy! I am having puppy envy. But seriously you're going to have to rename your blog! She's adorable by the way.