Monday, April 11, 2016

Concord Agility trial and spring break.

Last week was Spring Break.  The first few days I worked hard to get the new carpet in the RV.  So I finished that Tuesday evening. Then Wednesday drove up the Concord NC.
This was a big trial because it wasnt only agility but also confirmation and obedience.  I put my RV reservation in early because I knew there would be lots of RV's with confirmation being there.   So I get there and they cant find my name on the list.  But as he looks again, Im on the first page. (Its not in ABC order. It must be how they received your registration) On his paper is says "grass" . I wanted to be in the back area where the grass was. There is a front part for RV and its all on pavement.  I dont want to walk forever for my dogs to have to go the bathroom.  (lots of confirmation people put ex-pens outside their RV and just let there dogs go to the bathroom right there and then hose the area down. I have ex-pens but my dogs dont go to the bathroom there. I always walk them)   So anyway, the guy in the golf cart brings me to my spot. He wanted me to pull into the grass and then back between 2 RV's that were already there.  (People had started setting up their RV's on Monday of that week. The trial started on Thursday. I dont get that)  I told the guy I didnt want that spot. He said I had to take it because I had a small RV and could fit in the spot.

Here it dosent look to bad. But here is another view.

The buildings are behind my RV. I have to go that way to get to the agility building.  I have a wagon to carry my bag, cooler, tripod and other things.  I cant get the wagon over all that stuff.   So I have to go around. Everyone has ex-pens on the sides of there RV's.  But I wasnt walking all the way around just to get back to where I started.  So I cut through someone's spot and  of course their dogs went crazy. Sorry, there wasnt anything else I could do.

Here was the circle of RV. There was that one spot open across the field. Thank goodness they left that spot open, so I could leave Saturday.
Another weird thing, quiet hours didnt start until 11pm. Poeple's dogs would be barking like crazy right up until 11pm.  What is wrong with people these days.

I will never RV here again when they have confirmation. Besides all that, it smells horrible. Because they dont walk their dogs and just let them pee all over the mats they put down. And then  they just hose it down. Ugh. I dont know how they stand that smell all the time.
The first day I came back to my rv and someone had moved my stuff.  They had pulled the black material that I have on the bottom side of my RV, to prevent the dogs from getting out under the RV, they had pulled if off and moved that and the ex-pens all forward, to the front of my RV. I have no idea why.  At first I thought the wind did it but there is no way. The ex-pens would have blown over , if it was from wind. And I had a tarp on top of the ex-pens drying, it would have blown away. And it didnt.   Just a weird RV weekend.

Im not even sure I remember all my runs. I know that there was a problem with FAST. The judges microphone kept causing static noise on the speakers in the ring.  Dogs were having issues with it.  There was a lady with a border collie, who went and talked to the judge because it was freaking her dog out. Then it was Java's turn. Right after we started the send bonus, the static started and Java came to a dead stop. She refused to run. Java has never refused to run. I just tried to keep her happy and get out of the ring as fast as we could.  But that run was blown.  After that happened, the judge stopped using the microphone.  But the next day they were using them again!!  WTH??   So I went up to the scribe and timer and said that i needed the speaker turned off during Java's run. I told them that she freaked out yesterday and I dont want her thinking that noise it part of the ring. They said they couldnt do it because they couldnt hear the judge. I told them that I didnt care if I NQ'ed because they couldnt hear the judge call the points, I just dont want the noise going on when my dog is in the ring.  They got all upset. Im sorry, its my dog and Im not running during a negative experience.  It was hard keeping her away from the ring and trying to stay close enough to know when it was my turn. After that I decided unless they fix the speakers and microphones, Im not running my dog again there during FAST.  I asked the person doing leashes , why wasnt anyone else complaining. She didnt know. She said she saw other dogs being effected. She said one dog was cowering in the corner before its run because all the static on the speakers.  You could hear the static across the whole rings and up at the top, where our seating was.  Anyway, Java did Q this run.

Sorry, I stopped writing and now had our trial. So not sure I can even remember what happened. I remember the standard courses where hard. Well, not hard but harder then they usually are in AKC.  I thought, wow, if this is regular standard, I wonder what premier will be like.

This was standard on Thursday.

This was standard on Friday.

I cant find the video of this run.

Here is Saturdays standard run. Ugh, so close. Why wasnt I talking to my dog, saying "go, go on"???  She has that command.

Here was premier standard. It wasnt that bad but I messed it up anyway.

Miley really struggled this weekend. Lots of stress circling. Finally I figured out that the medication I was giving her for having to urinate all the time, could be causing this behavior. So I stopped giving it. She had two wonderful runs. It was her last time at 12inch jump height.

And she took 2nd place.

Then jumpers, she had a bad crash. Which is why Im putting her down to 8 inches. I was going to stop running but she just got up and took off, so I just kept going.

I did manage to keep Java on course once. LOL

In other news, by RV door came off the hinge.  I didnt really know anyone who had tools to help me fix it. The door was rotted earlier in the year and my husband and I took the door apart. Put new wood in the fame and put it back together. I guess we didnt do a good job. LOL

Now what?  It was night time. My husband was going to come up the next day to help me fix it but what  to do until then?  Well, I put a bunch of levelers , that you use to level your RV, and I put them under the door to hold it up. Then I cut this water hose that I had. It was flat like a fire hose. And I tied the door together. At least I was able to shut the door that night.

My husband came up  on Friday and we couldn't really get the door back together the correct way. (At least I got to see my husband. LOL) So we took some of the screws out of the hinge, so the door would shut and then tied it shut. My husband drove it home, in case the door flew off. It didnt.  So we hope if fixed now.

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Sara said...

Sounds like an awful weekend! People are so annoying.

Miley was amazing getting up after that crash. She loves the game!