Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beach trial

I went down to Charleston for a USDAA trial.  I decided to go to the beach before the trial. They were running team first and then at the end of the day was Steeplechase and Grand Prix. I was only entered in Grand Prix and Steeplechase. It was suppose to thunderstorm all day but the weather held and didn't start raining until after I ran my last run. How lucky is that??

Anyway, we went to Beachwalker park.  Its a public beach on Kiawah island. They allow dogs. It was great to be at the beach but felt sad too. I really miss going to Seabrook island.  Its so peaceful and quiet.  This beach doesn't open until 9am. I like to be out on the beach at 6:30am -7am.   There were lots of people and dogs for the middle of the day.   Lots of off leash dogs who don't come when called. Ugh.   My dogs didn't really want to play they way the would at Seabrook. They just walked right next to me.  I finally  had to throw a pinecone to get them to start running.

No dolphins were out today.   After spending a few hours at the beach we drove to the trial site.

I just put all the video's of each dog together on one video. It was just easier that way.  Miley Qed in Speedjumping with one dropped bar. In Grand Prix I pushed her off the jump before the tunnel when I rear crossed.  Then next day , we got into the second round of Speedjumping.  I didn't get the front cross in before the A-frame and decided to blind after the a-frame. I pushed in and decided I didn't have enough time to blind. She read the blind, blinded and I didn't, so we went off course.  I didn't put the jumpers video in there. She was just kinda crazy, running her own course and we left the ring.
Gamblers was tough, at least I thought so.  But actually lots of dogs got it.  It was tough because of that tunnel being right there.

It was also hard because you had no momentum going into the gamble (the number 1 jump).  We were so close. We got all the way  through #3 but didn't take number 4.  Then in standard, it was a wrap to the DW from a tunnel. She came out of the tunnel and I thought she had the DW, I started running and she pulled away and came with me. Oops.

Java , in Grand Prix, she went around the first jump. Oops. Then I put a RC in the wrong place (at the tire), so it pulled her off a jump. But otherwise very nice run.  In Steeplechase, there was a 90 degree turn after the a-frame.  She didn't turn, I called her , she stopped right before taking the jump. I thought I had saved it. I turned to put her over the correct jump and she went back over the a-frame. Oops. LOL.  The next day she had a beautiful jumpers run with a dropped bar.  She got the gamble in Advance gamblers. Then the biggest surprise  was we Qed in standard.  I figured the judge called her teeter.  The judge was very tough on teeters  all weekend and it wasnt a perfect one. So after that I figured run like heck and see what happens.  When I watched the video the next morning, the judge didn't call the teeter and we Qed. WhoooHooo. We might get out of starters standard yet. LOL


Sara said...

Great runs!

I can't believe your dogs fetch pinecones! Thats so cute

Lauren Miller said...

Your dogs are so pretty!! <3

Helen said...

Nice runs! Boy, do I ever wish Beckett would let me rear cross. I'm going to have to work harder to make sure Keltic will let me rear cross.

Johann The Dog said...

Nice!!! Ooooo, that gamble was sooooo close!