Friday, October 24, 2014

AKC trial last week

So last Friday I went to an AKC trial.  It was kind of weird but people weren't helping at the trial. They were begging for help and people wouldn't step up. Very , very sad.  Lots of those people trial every weekend and not to help???  How do they think trials will go on if they don't step in and help. I felt bad for them.  I worked both 20 inch classes and got double coupons. Whoohoo!!    Then this person that I know, her dog peed right there in the building. She saw her dog do it and she saw me looking at her.  She just walked away and left it there.  So disappointing.  So I probably didn't have the greatest attitude after all this.

Java's standard run:  I meant to FC before the a-frame but didn't make it there , so I RC after. You will see she almost went off course. Then I had planned to RC this jump to the tunnel. As soon as I started to push, just a slight turn of my shoulder, boom -off she went to the tunnel. Akc!!  So we were off course and then I  didn't think she was going to make the weave pole entry so I RC her and stopped. She made it but after I stopped, she pulled out of the pole. Ugh!! 
Then JWW.  I really thought we could do this. And we almost did.  She was running a line of jump. I said tunnel but she went straight, and then turned to the tunnel. So we got a refusal. I was confused why would she do this. There were no obstacles where she was going.

When I left the ring, after the jumpers run, someone told me it looked like she was going for the jumps that where outside the ring. ( her dog once jumped into the orange ring gating when someone put a broad jump right outside the ring. He was suppose to turn to the a-frame but went straight. Thank goodness Java didn't jump into the ring gating).  When I watched the video, you could see that's what she was doing.
When I went to walk the course for Miley's turn, then I could really see what the problem was.

It looks like its a pin wheel with the practice jump also there.  Plus, because no one would work, that chair, for the ring crew, was empty. If someone would have been sitting there, it may have made a difference.   Also, someone who work  the big dogs, who was sitting there, said several dogs ran straight there to. She thought it was because someone had a Frisbee and was playing with there dog outside the ring. Maybe it was because of the jumps.  I had them move them for Miley's class.

  Miley Qed in standard and I was hopeful we would Q in JWW. But no, she went off course.  I guess I shouldn't have had so much distance from her , so I could have shown more motion in the direction I needed her to go. Ugh!  Will I ever learn to do this right??? LOL

I only did one day at the trial. The next day I went to Savannah to spend some time with my mom and sister.  We had a nice time and went to down town Savannah.  The weather has been really nice lately. 

Mickey has a staff infection all over his body.   Because I didn't recognize it right away, it got way out of control.  I first noticed these sore on the back of his neck. I thought one of the other dogs bit him.  Then I noticed a few more and started thinking it was weird.  If they bit him that much he should hurt when I pick him up.  I pick him up at least twice a day to give him his liquid phenobarbital.  Then a few days later I flipped him over and he had sores everywhere. Ack.  It looked like he had the chicken pox.  So I posted a picture on face book and everyone told me he had  a staff infection.  So I took him to the vet.  When the vet first saw him, he said "Wow, your dog has chicken pox".  LOL , then laughed and said "Just kidding. He has a staff infection".  They gave him an injection of antibiotics and some shampoo to wash him twice a week.  Its been a week and I felt like he was getting worse. So I took him back to the vet.  The vet said he only wrote in his notes that it was every where so it was hard for him to tell if it was worse. But he  said usually the owner knows. So he gave me a different shampoo and now he has to be washed everyday. Ugh!!  Thank god its not a sheltie.

In a couple of weeks is the UKI nationals. Its being held in Fletcher, NC.  So, about 2 hours from here.  These friend of mine are in charge. When I talked to them last weekend, there were 1800 runs scheduled for Friday.  They were stressed.   Shortly after that we got an email saying that they are starting on Thursday, to take some of the runs off of Friday's schedule.  I think there will be 5 rings going. Way bigger than last year with only 2 rings.  Now Im not sure why I entered.  There is no way Im ready for this type of competition.  Oh well.  I already said I would be in charge of hospitality.  Hopefully I can do an ok job at it.

Thank goodness for little trials. Next weekend Im going to a small AKC trial. There are 30 dogs in all of masters.  It will be a nice, non-stressful trial.


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

it is sad people won't help out - they always seem to have the attitude - 'someone else will do it' Hope you have a great time next weekend

onecollie said...

wow those three jumps really did look like they were in play, hope they got moved!

Sara said...

Great runs! That UKI trial sounds huge! I can't even imagine organizing all that.

Hope Mickey gets better soon. Poor little guy