Monday, October 13, 2014

Seminar weekend!

I went this weekend to a Daisy Peel seminar.  I only did half a day on Saturday and then the whole day Sunday.  I left my house with plenty of time to get there. I was even planning on stopping to get lunch. Well there was an accident on the highway and we only moved 2 miles in 30 minutes. Ack!! Now I was going to be late because I did stop to go to the restroom. I got there about 5 minutes late. I felt bad but there was nothing I could do.
Saturday was on blind crosses.  Very fun!!.  I wish there had been a whole day on this.  Ok, I know most of you probably know this and Im the only person who didn't but here is goes.  Its what you do before you blind cross that cues the turn. OMG!!  LOL, I didn't know this.   So your lateral motion, or your deceleration ect. cues the turn. Good to know!!  LOL

Only 5 dogs were there, so we got a lot of running time and it was great!!!  After the day ended I drove down to my parents and spent the night. It was only an hour from the seminar so a lot closer than my house.
The next morning I made sure I had plenty of time to get there. I wasn't going to be late again!  I got there with no problem.  This day was on cueing combinations.  We aren't allowed to post any video from Sunday.  You would think I would  have been perfect since I had seen these before went I went out to Oregon  to the DP camp. But I wasn't. Ugh!!   One of Java's relatives was there too.  And then several other people I knew.  That was nice, to know people at the seminar.   Today was full with I think with 11 participants so not as much working time as yesterday but still nice.  It was nice out, until you were running. Then the sweating came on. LOL    I think Java has definitely improved since the last time I saw Daisy in person.  She is no longer driving all on her front and not stopping when asked.  Before if I stopped on course, she would just fly on by but now she engages here rear end and can stop.   (although still needs to be reminded sometimes). Several dogs had this problem at the seminar and they had to do the stopping on course thing and reward the dog if they actually stopped. We did one more very short easy set up at the end of the day. I was tired and just wanted to stop. So I didn't do well on an easy course. Ugh.  So Daisy suggested I listed to this book on tape called, "The Sports Gene".  (its not an agility book).  But she thought it would be insightful for me to read.  She said I have good foot work,  and motion and training on my dogs. I lack figuring out timing. When to do the footwork and the motion. (its true and Im not offended by this at all).  Ive never been good at any sport.  My timing was horrible. Always. Ugh.    Oh well, all I can do it keep working at it. I think I am getting better.  Miley finally got a double Q a couple of weeks ago and Java Qed all three runs on that last Saturday. So I hope Im going in the right direction.

I had new carpet put in my bedroom. Holy crap, what an ordeal that was.  I had no idea how much junk was in my bedroom. Then in the closet, they thought they could just remove this bar that was attached to the floor and the clothes would be ok. Nope, everything fell to the ground. Ugh!!  So now all the clothes had to be removed from the closet too.  What a lot of freaking work.

Its does look nice!!

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Sara said...

Sounds like a fun and informative weekend!

The carpet looks great. I put off so much home remodeling, because it really is a lot of work, even if you hire someone to do all the work. What's up with that?