Saturday, October 5, 2013

What the ???

I was suppose to go the LCDA  to a USDAA trail today. But Ive been struggling with being just so tired.   I had decided a few days ago to forget it.  Its my favorite trial. One ring, USDAA and the classes are small and things move fast. But I just couldnt do it.  Plus is sunny and 90 today. I probably wouldnt have like that to much.  Java needs more work too after last weekend. Leaving the start line and flying off teeters.  So will just work on those things.
Took my dogs for a nice morning walk. Cool in the morning and not to many people there.
I was trying to get pictures with the wild flowers in the back ground but things just didnt come together.
Love these things!

Im not sure why but Guiness has been eating dirt for several weeks now. At home and at the park. Very weird.  He digs a hole and starts eating dirt. I guess Ill have to take him to the vet.
We had a club meeting on Thursday. I had to go because I had to give a report on the agility trial. Also we were missing the chains that hold the tires. They were put into a  tool box but I guess it was the wrong one. That box went to the building and not the field. So I figured I would go get it. I went to the back of the building and this is what I found.
What the ????  Why did they do this?  So needless to say, I cant get to anything. Someone was complaining that they couldnt find the chute. Well I guess not. Its in the back under all this crap.  
No sure if I can deal with this mess.  I took a few things out and found the chains. The chute is all the way in the back at the bottom. Im not pulling all the out. Not sure why the club would want to spend 6000.00 on  jumps and then treat them this way.
Then  I went to the field last night to work  my dogs and found this.
Someone built a standard course and left everything out. They are suppose to put the tunnel, tunnel bags, chute, triple and broad jump back in the shed. We use those things at trials and putting them away makes them last longer. Now to set up what I want to work requires me to put all their stuff away. I was pissed. What the heck are they thinking??  I just moved everything to the side and set up what I wanted and then left.   Im just tried and I think that maybe its time for me to quit.
In my class this week some of the people took their previous classes with someone else. That person taught them managed contacts. So they just want to slow their dog down to get them to hit the contact. I talked to them about it a couple of weeks ago and why that isnt the best idea. So they asked me again  this week.  Im not going to argue with you if you need a contact criteria or not. I dont care, its your dog and you have to run them. I cant be in front of my dogs because they are running, so if they dont know the criteria for getting the contact, Im screwed. But I told them they can do what ever they feel is right for them.   I feel like Im the only one who has trouble running their dog. All of them run with their dogs, so it doesnt matter what I set up , they can run it. Even if their cues are late or they dont cross in the write place ect.  See, maybe its time for me to quit teaching for the club.


Sara said...

I think it is difficult when equipment is shared. Some people will treat it respectfully, and others simply won't. I know my instructor often finds poop/pee inside tunnels when other instructors use her field. It must be so frustrating to have to clean up other peoples' messes. We have enough of our own messes to clean up!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Eating dirt is usually a sign of a mineral missing in the diet...time for some blood tests. The close ups are wonderful as usual

Merinda said...

Ugh. What is wrong with people?! You have every right to be frustrated!