Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another trial, another day.

This has nothing to do with the trial.  Friday I finally got to take my dogs out onto the island at the river. The water was low enough. Probably not low enough for my dogs liking but we could cross. The only thing is having to watch for snakes as I walk through the island to the rock. There are now lots of leaves on the ground and my heart races all the time Im walking through.  Guiness was very happy. They only place I let him off leash because Im pretty sure he wont swim though the water to get to the other side.

Miley always squints when was are outside in the sun taking pictures. The left eye almost always closed. But this week  I have seen her squinting that left eye 3 times in the house. The last time the yesterday before the trial.  Im going to get it checked this week. I wonder what is wrong. Someone at the trial thought she looked funny jumping on our last run, jww.

Yesterday I went to an outdoor trial. I only entered one day. I dont think I told you this but my husband took a job in Bamburg, SC.  He leaves on Monday and comes back Friday nights.  So I dont get to see him much. So one day at a trial leaves Sunday for me to see him.  My son lives with me, so Im not a lone but sill feels lonely sometimes.

First up was T2B.  Miley's run was crazy but not to crazy. No running around the ring.  Java I  was planing to get almost to three and I was going to be on her right side and then push to the a-frame. But once I started leading out, I was getting nervous she might break, so I released so I wouldnt reinforce breaking a start line stay. So because I released her I had to RC 3 and then RC the aframe.  She dropped a bar turning at 9. I thought it might have been because the grass was wet but I think she just turned to tight  and took the bar down.

Next up was Master standard.

Not to many Qs on this course except the 8 inch dogs.  I worked the 20's and 24 inch class and not to many got the ending. A few slower dogs and one freaking awesome border collie that ran. Actually 19 is marked wrong, he changed it to the opposite side.  Most people , including me, tried to wrap it and the dogs didnt wrap. They jumped turning toward the tunnel and then took the wrong tunnel entrance. Miley got it but I think I was just lucky.  I only two 12 inch dogs Qed.  I was having a great run and then cued the wrong end of the first tunnel. Ack!!  Then coming off the table, she went up the aframe. Hmm???

Every time I load video from my ipad to youtube, the video quality goes to crap. Whats up with that??  Im loading it in high def.

Java's run, I really felt like she was committed to jump #9 and I started to move laterally. It pulled her off. Crap. Same thing at 15.  I guess I need to work on that. Also , we didnt get the end. But she stayed at the startline, had good contacts. Didnt fly off the teeter. So lots of positives.

I watched this lady run her border collie. She was having a nice run. Then her dog came off the teeter and went straight to the tunnel. But she cued that. She went pass the teeter and was facing the tunnel entrance. Man was she mad at her dog. I felt bad for him. It wasnt his fault. She downed him in a mean voice and then took him out of the ring. I was so mad. I wanted to yell, it was your fault, you cued the tunnel. So she walked back to her friend and her friend told her. "you cued the tunnel. You never turned your shoulders"  She was taken back and said "I did?". But it was like she really didnt believe her friend. Then she just walked away. Never paying any attention to her dog. Ugh!!!

Last up was JWW.

Both times I was so close to qing.  Miley had a very nice run. It felt good. Someone told me she was jumping funny. I didnt see it when running but when watching the video, she is kinda collecting up before jumping. Hmmm??

Java's run, I felt like I was just struggling for every jump.I was pushing in to much and pulling just slightly to much and then would have to redirect. She was unsure of where to go and head checks me a few times and slows down. Ugh. But several people said it looked really good, and I was thinking how horrible it felt. So with Java, I really tried to pull to get her to that last jump before the tunnel. She did pull in but didnt take the jump but took the correct tunnel entrance.

Once again after running AKC , I feel bad about myself. I know there lots of little awesome parts but it sure would be nice for it all to come together. Then I got to thinking, if I died no one is going to say, "man to bad she couldnt Q in AKC".  LOL  Thats not something people will remember, at least I dont think so.  They will probably remember my crazy runs with a fast , happy little sheltie. Or how Java was not a fast dog, but after all that hard work she became a fast dog. And that she always left the rings happy with her dogs no matter how bad the run went.  And my dogs certainly arent going to be thinking, "To bad we never Qed with her  at an AKC trial".  LOL, no they will probably miss playing with me and going to the park for walks. Going to the beach and running and having fun with just me being around. So who cares if I never double Q, or get to go to AKC nationals. No one but me would remember that anyway.


Sara said...

You're so right about what will be remembered. Our dogs only want to have fun, they don't know a Q from a W :)

I always love watching your dogs run with so much enthusiasm. I love watching your handling skills, that continue to amaze me. I love seeing them run and play in the park or at the ocean. That's what I'll remember.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I usually like that judges courses but Standard had some tough parts! Layla is a big dog and turns wide and I would've had a hard time getting the correct end of the tunnel instead of the table. If I didn't pull hard enough she'd be on the table and if I pulled too much I'd get the wrong end of the tunnel.

You're totally right about what people will remember. It's better to be remembered for happy dogs and a good relationship with them than Qing all the time.

I forgot to comment on the other post but I would be furious If people kept leaving the shed and field the way they have been. I would not have tolerated it as long as you have. I absolutely would stop managing the field/shed if people can't respect the rules and expect others to clean up after them. That's such a shame and I'm so sorry you have to deal with that.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

digs are always the most happy when they can run off lead....and your guys have some of the best places

hannahagility said...

I agree totally with your comments about what people will remember you for and what your dogs really would miss. Spot on. As far as Miley's jumping, I am no expert, but that is exactly what Hannah does if she drops a bar, especially if she had dropped a bar due to her slipping. She just hates dropping bars, and hates unsure footing, or even just the feeling the footing might be unsure. Looks like both girls are running beautifully and they both look so happy!

Helen said...

A happy dog is the best thing! Do you have to double Q to make it to AKC Nationals? I very rarely have a double Q trial. I'm happy with 1. I guess we wouldn't to well in AKC agility.

Dawn said...

Your dogs get to run and play because of you. Whether they're running on the island or running in the ring, they wouldn't get to without you...and that's what is important.