Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rescues and Marathons

 This very nice person I know runs a rescue.  She needed this dog picked up from a shelter and fostered for a couple of weeks. She is at the Can Am flyball tournament and then is going to USDAA nationals.  So I said I would do it.  I have to say, I knew it would be hard but I didnt realize how hard.  This dog is awesome and will make someone very happy.  My dogs are being snots.   She is happy and wants to be loved on. She is a quick learner.  She is small , Im guessing around 17 inches. The vet thinks she is about 1 years old or maybe a little less.  She has been playing with toys ,mostly inside. She is distracted outside  but I think that will change. Im not sure if she is house broken or not. If I take her out about every 30 minutes, she doesnt have accidents.  Ive had her since Monday and she has had two accidents in the house. So thats pretty good. I think she looks like a border staffy.  She is a very neat dog. She is getting use to a crate and sleeps all night in one. She does jump up on me a lot but Im working on that. I clipped her nails and she didnt care at all. (she was better than my dogs).

Today we drove down to Myrtle Beach to see Stephanie run a 1/2 marathon.  It was rough driving 3 hours down and then back again but so worth it.

Stephanie knows how to have a good time at everything. I should learn a few things from her. LOL

 The medal was cool. It has a big magnet on the back and a beer bottle opener at the bottom.  (hopefully she doesnt need that. LOL)  It was freezing or I guess I should say I was freezing. It was 60 degrees but cloudy and windy. Right at the end of Stephanie's race the sun finally came out. Yay!!.  Afterwards we took her and her friends out to breakfast.  Yay Stephanie!!


Dawn said...

Yay on both counts! Yay that you're fostering such a cool dog...and double yay that Stephanie did a half marathon!!!

Chris and Ricky said...

Your foster dog is lucky to hang out at your house! Very cute! And congrats to Stephanie!

Sara said...

Stephanie always has the biggest smile on her face! She must light up the room when she walks in. Good for her, what a huge accomplishment to do a half marathon!

The rescue dog is adorable. Hope your dogs warm up to her soon!

Nicki said...

She's adorable! Congrats to Stephanie on her run!

Helen said...

He's a nice looking dog. Looks as if he would be a good sport dog.

My cousin just did a half marathon this week. For me a long run, is an agility course.