Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whats been up

On Wednesday I went to see a rhumatologist. I had been before about 6 or 8 years ago. My regular doctor wanted to me to  go just to make sure we didnt miss something.  This lady was nice but I got the feeling she didnt think I was that painful. She said my trigger points were sore but usually people jump off the table when she presses on them. But she also thought that maybe some of the medication was masking the pain.  Anyway she wants to change some of my medications so see if that will help. Then see me back in 3 weeks and then change the type of exercise Im doing. She isnt impress with me just walking and hiking and then the short sprinting with agility. I thought I was doing pretty good.  Anyway, the change of medication has made me feel sick to my stomach for the last 5 days. I keep thinking it will get better but it hasnt. Im not sure I cant stick with the change even though my pain is better. Changing nausea for pain its a good compromise to me. Plus its effecting my sleep which isnt good either. Ugh!

Its been really cold in the morning. I hate cold weather. I know we arent cold like the people in the north but Im ready for Spring. The water has been really high at the park. Im not sure why.
That one rock you see is the rocks I usually take the dogs out onto when talking pictures. All the other rocks are covered.  The water looks pretty cool with the mist coming off of it but my pictures never seem to capture how beautiful it is.

Guiness was sick with diarrhea all week. No excessive amounts , just every time he went is was loose. Then I would come home from work and have a mess to clean up. At least he goes on the one rug I cant pull outside and wash with the hose. Friday I finally got to come home without that smell hitting you when you open the door. 

I been working the dogs at the field a few times a week. I feel like Im not making progress. Java cant seem to do a pinwheel without me really pushing her. So we've been working that. Also I feel like she keeps missing her dogwalk contact or just barely hitting top feet in. So yesterday I video taped it. I rewarded all of them even though I wasnt sure. Then when I got home she had hit them all. And not just front feet, but all feet. I wonder why I cant see it.


Sara said...

Feeling nauseous is the worst. Hope that lets up for you soon.

It's cold here, but it's a "Dry cold", which feels way better that the wet cold that you probably have down there. Really, a dry 16 degree day feels way better than a wet 48 degree day. Not sure why, but it's true. Spring will be here soon, according to the groundhog.

Sam said...

Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. I have the changes to your meds produce some good results.

I really like that picture of the water with the mist. We don't have anything like that here.

corbinwooten said...

Diana, sorry that your medicine changing is making you feel sick. Did your doctor give you any idea if that was normal or if you will feel better if you stick it out for a few more days? I hope so!

Java's contacts are beautiful!