Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cold, Windy, Crazy

I had entered an outdoor trial in Savannah this weekend.  I only entered Java on Saturday, two runs that were back to back. (It was a one ring trial).  Then I entered Miley on Sunday, back to back runs.  I didnt enter much because I was worried about weather.  If I didnt run, I didnt want to loose a lot of money.  I was planning on driving down Friday after work but I was to tired.  So I went down Saturday morning. Not a problem because I didnt think I would run until at least 10:30am.   When I left Columbia is was cold and raining.  I got to Savannah and it was beautiful and sunny. Wow, what a surprise.  It was really nice out. Great!!   Except my runs didnt happen until after 12:00 and now the weather had gone south.   It was cloudy, looked like rain, cold and the wind was blowing like crazy.  In the briefing , the judge  said, if the jump or jump stanchions fall over, just keep running and take the jump as if it was correct unless it seem unsafe for your dog. She didnt want people stopping and telling her jump or jump bar was down. She said we would worry about it when the run was over.  Ok, no biggie. I walked the course and was ready to go. I was the first dog on the line.
Right before I was getting ready to run the double stanchions fell over, the wings of the jump before the double fell over and the poles around the broad jump fell onto the broad jump. OMG. And the teeter was moving on its own. Now Im nervous. I dont want my dog to get hurt.  I had to ask someone else to video because all my friends were missing.  So I run. She gets the dogwalk contact, hits the table and almost slides off. Some how hangs on but sliding all the way around and now facing the opposite way she got on. I now realize the contacts arent rubberized. Ugh!  I then go table, weave poles. Wow thats a hard entry. But we get it on the second try and go one. We finish the course without anything falling over. Whoohoo. The judges comes up to me and say, that was a great run but you ran the course wrong. I didnt do jump 7 and 8 after the table. ( thats why the entry to the weave poles were so hard. LOL)  Oh well.  The person taping my run closed the app on the ipad instead of hitting record and couldnt get it back open. So I couldnt see the dogwalk contact and thats all I really cared about.

There were only 4 dogs in Novice standard and open jww was next up. So the next run happened right away. This time I was determined to run correctly.

I did run correctly but I have got to remember to support the jumps. How many times do I have to pull her off the jumps before I will remember this????

She got the weave pole entry. And she went on at the end with me falling behind.  I left after this. It started raining when I was driving to my parents. 
The next morning it was freezing and windy. I bagged Miley's runs. It wouldnt have been bad if the wind hadnt been blowing.  Plus the non-rubberized contacts had me worried. Java had burned her pad and I think it was from the table. So I didnt want to chance it with Miley. O'yea, I saw three people slip and fall Saturday and I was done half way through the day. So it just seemed like the right thing to do. I probably wont enter this trial again. The last two times I went the weather has been cold and windy.  Plus the non-rubberized contacts.....


Sara said...

That was an awesome run! Java is lookinglike a pro.

No fun to run when its crazy windy and cold.

Helen said...

I was going to say you're lucky to run outdoors at this time of year, but not when it's so windy and it's raining. That was a really nice run though.

corbinwooten said...

The end of Java's run was beautiful!

Chris and Ricky said...

You definitely did the right thing by not going on Sunday! Love Java's WP entrance!

Elayne said...

I've left trials too because of the wind, I don't blame you. I left a trial where the wind was blowing 30-40 mph. The judge allowed the dogwalk to be lowered to half the height and still dogs were getting blown off the dogwalk including a huge dog well over 100 lbs. It's not worth it and it's no fun anyway.