Sunday, February 24, 2013

AKC trial

I went to an AKC trial this weekend. I only entered one day to save money.  I drove the 3 hours up on Saturday morning. It was an indoor trial but around the trial site was a mud pit. Its been raining a lot. You couldnt park behind the building because it was so muddy you would get stuck. They had a tractor available if you got stuck.
Anyway after driving 3 hours I was alrady tired. Man I feel old. LOL  First up was Java's opens jww run. But right before I was suppose to run , I was to walk Miley's Excellent standard run. I only walked in 1 1/2 times. I want to concentrate on Java's run.  My goal was not to pull her off jumps.


I wasnt far enough pass #7 to push to 8. Then she popped the last pole. I couldnt decided if I should make her weave again or keep going so then she missed that jump after the weaves.

Next up Miley's standard run. She took off to early and landed on the #3 jump, then didnt stop on the teeter, than going to the table her head exploded. She didnt even try to get on. She ran around the ring, and I left the ring with her. Im not posting the video. Not that expected her to be perfect but I wasnt expecting this. Ugh.
Java had an ok run. She jumped on and off the table but got right back on. Inside I was freaking out. But I think it could be a result of last weekend when she held on to the table at all cost. It wasnt rubberized and she burned her pad. So Im sure she was thinking, "Im not doing that crap again".  Then we got the wrong tunnel entrance. I didnt see one dog get it but I didnt watch everyone so Im sure someone must have gotten it. Very nice dogwalk and she got the weaves all on her own. But I wasnt where I wanted to be and you could see I didnt know what to do for a few seconds.

Then Mileys Excellent JWW run.

This started out so nice.  Then I was worried about  being to far ahead ( which would cause her to take off early and drop a bar) and slowed down around #10. Then She didnt know where to go and went off course. Ugh, not a good plan on my part.

Next up T2B.
She dropped a bar and then I blocked the jump after the a-frame so she went around it. (Ugh!) But otherwise very nice run.  When she came down the aframe all this drool was coming out of her mouth. Silly dog.

Last they were offering a new class to try. It was free to enter. I dont know what this new class is all about. They called it Excellent jumpers C.

I put both my dogs in thinking I could work on Java's weave pole problem. I think I just made it worse. Three times she popped the poles and ran into the tunnel. Ugh. Then Miley's run was going good until she ran into the tunnel after the weave too. LOL, I guess some more things to work on.  I left at 6pm and drove the 3 hours home. I was beat when I got home. I didnt even take anything out of the car except for the dogs.
I woke up today and felt terrible. I did try to work Java's weaves this even and now she is popping even worse. Oh goodie. LOL
I did find out  I won a raffle. They had several things offered to make money for world team something. So I bought a few tickets. I won something with a dog bowel, leash , toys and a few other things in the package. Someone is going to give it to me the next time I see them. So at least I got something out of the weekend.


Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Congratulations on the raffle! Your judge is one of our very local competitors. She and her husband are super nice and I love their courses although I don't think I've EVER qd on one of hers. The courses are always great I just end up messing something up lol.

Sara said...

That excellent jumpers c course seems impossible!

Both your dogs move so fast and smoothly, they really are a joy to watch. And your handling impresses me to no end!

Congrats on the raffle win!

loralei913 said...

Java's dogwalk was absolutely lovely! She'll get there with the rest.

Wonder if they are trying out offering international type courses on a more regular basis? Like USDAA offering the Masters Challenge classes. Why not just offer the ISC classes more often and at regular jump heights?

Priscilla Phang said...

I love raffle but I usually don't have any luck :((

Chris and Ricky said...

I always enjoy watching Miley and Java do agility!