Sunday, January 13, 2013

The weekend

Its started out slightly foggy. It was warm enough for me to put my feet in the water to take some pictures.
Sorry if you are on facebook and already saw this image. Its just cool (IMO) so Im putting it here.

Not to many people there when I first got there but when I was leaving all the horse people were there. So we got out before having to worry about that.

This hawk was sitting in a tree and I would have had a perfect shot but he flew away. I found him again on the other side of the river/creek but now he was above me. So Im shooting up into the light. It makes it hard to get a nice shot.
She is trying to get a stick out of the tree to take with her.
Blogger still isnt working right for me. Irritating to have to do everything in HTML and then go fix it in the "compose" part. Thats why I have to put a word in between the pictures other wise all the pictures are smooshed together no matter what I do. I took Java to a lesson with Meagan. Hard to believe it was cold. But not has cold as the last lesson. Java did very well. I need to work on my front cross timing. That is what this video clip is about.

Sorry its grainy but there wasnt enough light at the field.

Miley has seemed fine. Im not sure what was all about. So far so good.

I went to the field today to meet someone who is interested in taking agility classes with the club. I went to evaluate her dog to see which class would fit her best. After dragging all the equipment on the field and evaluating her dog, it was to hot to do to much agility. Java was hot so we just did a few things. It was completely sunny at the field and when I got to my side of town, completely cloudy. I could have used some of those clouds. Anyway, Java has 12 weaves. Whoohoo!!


Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Love that photo of Miley or Java - hard to tell which it was. The hawk is awesome too

Sophie said...

Great photos, and awesome weaves on Java! She seems to be coming along very well, and I love how in tune with you she looks after she's done on the weaves. Good dog, Java!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, love Java. She is looking great!


Sara said...

Go java!

Sounds like you had a good weekend.

Priscilla Phang said...

Always enjoy your wildlife pictures. The hawk pictures are truly wonderful. It's almost impossible for us to see hawks or eagles that close over here unless we go to the zoo. So glad that you had a great weekend.

Bailey said...

Beautiful shots.

vici whisner said...

Love your photos, that FC drill is one of my favorites. I also do it with three jumps in a row (9 jumps all together). Then you can also work RC. Fun!
Thanks for the tip on the HTML to load photos. appreciate it.

corbinwooten said...

The picture of the hawk trying to get the twig is really awesome! I'm jealous of your great place to walk.

Maybe someday we'll make it back down south to visit and we can take nice walks like that too!

Hope you're feeling better this week.