Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shoes and stuff

After we went to Florida and Universal Studios my tennis shoes were shot.  This first day at Universal  I felt ok. But the next day. OMG, did my feet hurt.  Good thing we didnt stay to long because my feet were miserable.  So miserable that the thought of putting those shoes on again makes your cringe.  So now the torturous task of finding new tennis shoes.  All tennis shoes hurt my feet. LOL I use to buy these Adidas and everytime I just ordered the same ones. But they discontinued them. And since then, I cant find anything that doesnt hurt my feet. So before the last trial  I was in a panic to try to find something to run it.  I had run  at the field in my bare feet that week. So when I was in the store I saw these.

They were in clearance for  $25.00, my kind of price. If they were horrible, I didnt spend to much money on them.  I wore them at the trial. I really liked them. I think I ran faster and I could make a front cross without getting stuck like I usually do.  So remember I said they were in the clearance section. Now Im trying to find another pair , since I liked them, but I cant find any. Ive searched  the Internet and the stores. I cant find my size in this style. LOL that figures huh.
I went to a School Nurse Conference  Friday after work and all day Saturday. We talked about social media. The nurse that was speaking, sometimes does work for a lawyer. She said she will facebook friend request someone that they are trying to get information on. And 9 times out of 10 the person will accept her friend request even though they dont know her.    Also, co-workers report things on other co-workers. (nice huh)  SO  becareful who your "friends" are.
 My poor dogs havent gotten any attention in several days. So finally I was able to take them for a walk today.
I couldnt figure out what was wrong with my camera setting. All my pictures were dark. I lighten them in a my photo program. So the pictures were all messed up.

See, weird picture. The dogs sure had fun!
The morning sunlight was beautiful!
Crazy dog!
It was pretty cold this morning as you can see the puddle is frozen.


Bailey said...

Interesting shoes. We have a Reebock outlet near us. I get their walking shoes for my regular exercise. Every so often when I venture into more serious exercise I pick up the latest version of their cross trainers.

For walking I haven't been able to find anything I like better than the Reebocks. When I was younger I could wear ANYTHING and not have an issue. However, now my feet demand support. :)

Helen said...

Maybe other 5-toed runners would work as well? I know people who have them say they're like running in bare feet. I've never tried them. I like low-cut hikers.

K-Koira said...

I have a pair of the Fila Skele-toes that I love! I got them on clearance for $15. When I had to go in the store to exchange sizes (I ordered online originally and got a size too big), the shoe department manager told me that they (Dick's Sporting Goods) normally get these shoes in in the spring. So maybe you'll have more luck as spring time comes closer and they get in their spring shoes.

Anonymous said...

If you like those, you would probably also like the Vibrams. They are pricier ($90-150 depending on style), but I've seen plenty of high end athletic shoes in the same price range. Might be worth the investment. I absolutely love mine and wish I could wear them everywhere!

Sara said...

Oh I hate when they discontinue the good stuff! SO frustrating.

I'm not facebook friends with anyone I work with (with the exception of one retired teacher, who is a dog lover). I just don't like to mix the two, seems too risky.

Chris and Ricky said...

I also hate when stuff I like is discontinued! Cool photos!

Dawn said...

Happens all the time, you find a good running shoe and they discontinue it and then you spend years trying to find something that doesn't mess with your ankles, knees, hips, back. Sigh. These look cool, hope you can find another pair!

corbinwooten said...

Beautiful lighting on Java in those last few pictures. Those are great.

I've heard you either love those weird shoes or you hate them. I thought about trying them but all I saw were the expensive ones, and like you, didn't think it would be worth the experiment ($$$) if I didn't like them.