Thursday, January 10, 2013

That will teach me

So Im feeling better. I do think that it might have been the increase in the medication that was causing my depression. Ive decreased it and Im feeling back to my "glass half empty" self. LOL  I dont think Im a "glass half empty" so much as realistic. 

Now the bad news. I worked Miley in class last night. I even switched her out with Java for some of the runs.  After we were done and  just standing around talking , someone said to me, "Diana , look Miley is limping". OMG, it wasnt a little limp.  It was her left front. My gut says shoulder. She didnt fall or show any signs  if injury when running  so I have no idea what happened. 

Monday was kinda crazy. I got several emails from someone in our club that I ticked off. (How do I do this all the time? I tick people off and dont even realize it)  I  had set up an agility class at the building so we wouldnt loose the slot to rally or obedience. She didnt have to teach the class , or do anything. I have no idea why this upset her. I apologized on the first emial. By the third email I was so mad, I just deleted it. I thought what ever I wrote just wasnt going to come out nice. I dont know what this person wanted from me.  I wasnt trying to "take over", I was just trying to keep agility classes going for the club. Ugh!!!

Stephanie went back to school Sunday. She had to go back to school a week early for RA training.  Over Christmas break she had a really bad cold but was better by the time she went back to school. She was on antibiotics for an ear infection. Monday she sent me a text that she had a rash all over her stomach.  I told her to go to the Minute Clinic, the school clinic wasnt open, and see if they thought it was from the antibiotic. They felt it was and told her to stop it. They said her ear looked good. The next morning she calls me crying. She feels terrible. She doesnt know what is wrong. She coughed all night long.  She was so upset and seemed scared. It really worried me. I asked if she had trouble breathing, she said no. I asked her if her chest hurt, she said no. She didnt have a fever.  Then she said her chest felt cold and wet inside. (Ive never had anyone describe there chest this way).  I remember seeing a Doctors Care  near her school. I told her to look it up and go there. She did. They said she had bronchitis and gave her antibiotics. Wow , that came on fast. But they didnt give her cough medication or an inhaler. She has had bronchitis several times and needed an inhaler.  She tried to rest that day but every time she laid down, she would call me all upset. Her chest felt heavy.  This was now scaring me. Should I drive down there?  I told her to go back to Doctors Care and tell them you want a chest xray. So she did. They said it was ok. She asked for an inhaler. They gave her one. Once she used the inhaler she was so much better. I think she was probably ok breathing when standing or sitting  up but if she laid down, she was having trouble breathing.  Wednesday she was sooo much better and back to her usual self.  The funny thing was, they took a urine sample at the doctors office. They came in and told her she wasnt pregnant. She was mad. She said, "Dude, I could have told you that. Im not sexually active. Now you just wasted my money". LOL  Yea, dont waste Stephanie's money. I told her its a college town and Im sure every girl goes in there and says ,"Im not having sex".  So they have to  check.


Sara said...

Every time anyone went in my college's infirmary, the first question they asked was "could you be pregnant?" Didin't matter what symptoms you had, I always cracked up. Hmmmm, does pregnancy cause a sore throat? I always wondered if the male students got asked if they were pregnant.

Glad Stephanie is ok, and hope Miley's limp is nothing serious.

Priscilla Phang said...

So glad to hear that Stephanie is feeling better now. My heart always drops when Rosie tells me that she is not feeling well when she is at school. Then I feel really bad because I'm so far away from her and I can't even give her a hug either.

Hope Miley's leg isn't serious too.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Hopefully she will get better soon.....these limps in our Shellie's seem to be common problem. Reilly would get them on and off too when he did agility....hmmm I wonder if it was a warning to the problems he is having with his feet now?

Chris and Ricky said...

It must be so worrying to have a sick kid so far away. Hilarious story though. Bronchitis symptoms are definitely a first sign of pregnancy. Haha!! Glad she is feeling better!

Hope Miley is better today too!

Dawn said...

Probably they had to ask in order to do the chest xray...but still they could have told her they were going to do that. Glad she feels better! Very sorry to hear about Miley's limp...she's such a little worker, she probably wouldn't tell you because she didn't want to stop running!!

Sophie said...

I hope Miley's limp goes away soon! Limpy dogs are no good :(

Nicki said...

Every time I got sick in college they would ask me if I could be pregnant. They always looked so doubtful when I said I could not be.