Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tendons to running contacts

 (This isnt a great picture but they are both looking at the camera. Score!!!)
Its been a busy week.  Sorry I havent posted much. Ive been so tired and I dont know why. Earlier in the week it was really warm but rainy. Then yesterday the sun came out but freezing cold and windy!  Ugh, I hate winter. My hands are now cracked open , boooooo.  Ok, enough complaining.
Last week or maybe it was the week before,  my husband took Miley for her ultrasound of her left shoulder. She still has tendinitis and two small tears in the tendon. No surprise there.  Miley probably thinks her whole life is "rest".  August and September she rested because of the glass in her foot that took forever to find. Then in November the tendinitis started. She rested for 6 weeks and the had  a week of normal activity. The limping started again and now more res,t probably for 3 months. Poor Miley.  I decided to do therapeutic ultrasound for this go around. Its suppose to help the tendons heal faster and in the right direction  ( or something like that).  So she had her first treatment on Thursday. Now she hasnt had US treatment since summer of 2010. The vet was doing her treatment and as soon as this beeper went off, stating treatment was over, Miley popped right up. The vet hadnt even had time to pull to probe off of her yet. It surprised the vet. Im sure the vet didnt want her getting up like that. So a year and a half and the dog still knew what the beep meant.  No wonder she wont get on the table at a trial. LOL She never forgets!! So going back and forth to NC for the next few weeks will probably kill me. But hey its for my dog right?
Then there is Java. Who wants to run and play with Miley and cant. Poor Java. Ive started the on-line running contacts class.  Im not sure Java is running as fast as she can so thats all Ive really been working on. Trying different toys  to see if she will drive faster for one than another. Not really. My throwing the ball needs work. So many things to think about. Ive been working everyday or every other day on the running contacts stuff.  You have 3 weeks to complete the homework. I didnt know if I should wait until the end of the three weeks to post my video or do it at the beginning. I needed help so I went ahead and posted it.  Ill see what she says to help me.  Also, you need to open the classroom stuff everyday and read what people post and what she says so  you can learn from them. And if you dont, I can really see getting behind on information.
This isnt the video I posted to the class. But I can see how much different her stride is inside than outside. I probably wont do any inside again. The one for the class was outside , where there is more room. I like how she is playing with me though. You are probably thinking , "big deal".LOL, it is for me. Ive been working hard to get this.

The "I shot it" contest is almost over.  I think there is 2 more weeks to enter your dog photos. I pot is around 1200.00.  I could sure use that. But there are professional photographers pictures in there so Im sure I dont have a chance, its sure nice to dream.....


Sara said...

The only person who is as good at analyzing videos as you is Silvia! I hope you get some good feedback. I think she likes it when people are in the early stages.

I never keep up with all the postings in her distance classes. But, I learn from what I do read.

I had ultrasound treatment when I had tendinitis myself. Hope it does the trick for Miley. Poor girl. Poor you having to drive back and forth.

Lian said...

Oh poor Miley!! I hope she feel ok soon. It is very frustrating it took forever to find the problem and rested, then the dog get stressed and you get stressed. WE are sending speedy vibes over to Miley.

I've also join Silvia's running contact class and I haven't done my homework yet. I find longing on daily to check the classroom is very tiring especially I have so much other things to do.

Diana said...

Lian, I just stay logged in. So when I bring up the page , it says classroom and I click on it. Makes it very easy.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor Miley - having to rest so often when she just wants to do agility. I hope the ultrasound speeds things along this time so she can get back to playing and running!

I am so impressed with the way Java is playing with you! Good job! I wish Ricky would do that (but I didn't know any better when he was little).

Ludo van Doggy said...

So hard to rest, especially with a puppy! They are too clever for their own good aren't they? Hope the therapy works well!

Dawn said...

Poor Miley!! I'm sure she's getting to be a crazy girl with all this rest. I don't know how you keep her 'resting!'

And Java looks like she's having fun. I didn't know any better either when Katie was toys aren't so motivating for her, she's still a food hog which is a problem sometimes.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Poor Miley! I had ultrasound a little bit when I developed an issue after my shoulder surgery. I hope it works well for her tendonitis.

Java looks great!! She plays with you really nicely.

Kathy said...

Poor Miley, for such a cool driven girl it sure does not seem right that she has had to spend so much time on "rest" lately. Java looks fantastic, it looks like you guys are really doing great!!!!