Sunday, January 1, 2012

Java's running contact

I went to the field today to teach my last foundation class.  They were such a great class. They really wanted to learn and soak up all the information. I love that! It was beautiful out, 74 degrees!! 

I took Java with me. This is her first time running.  I just wanted to see what her rear legs looked like. I wanted to make sure they were separated. I have more ball work to do. You really want your dog driving to the ball. (its in slow motion and you have to wait a minute after she jumps in the air, I didnt want to cut that out. sorry, it was to cute)

She was even ok with that Yorkie there. LOL

The other awesome thing was lots of big dogs and no barking or growling from Java.  Whoohoo, Im so happy!!!  She was off leash and my friends two big dogs were off leash. Java went up to them, they ignored her. She followed them. It was fantastic.  It made my whole day!!!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome way to start the New Year!!!

LauraK said...

Sounds like a big day for Miss Java! It's always those little achievements that can make your day :) She's looking good, definitely eager to see her skills as her training progresses!

Sara said...

Good girl Java! She is really driving for the ball.

Dawn said...

What a good day for you both! You were smiling so big! And she looked like she loved running with you!

corbinwooten said...

Looking good! I'm a little behind on reading posts, but had to say that I'm looking forward to seeing Java's progress with her contacts.

And I had to laugh when that yorkie came running over and got in the way!

Keith Andrea said...

.,oh what a wonderful day! Happy new year

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Lian said...

WOW! Java is looking very good! Good Luck with her!

Kathy said...

whoo hoooo Java is going to be soooo much fun, what a good girl!!!