Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting to me

I think this weather is getting to me.  We've had no sun for at least 4 days maybe more. Its been raining alot. Yesterday it poured.  We got up early to vote. What a waste of time that was. I still cant believe South Carolina picked Gingrich. What the heck?? The man has no morals and they want him as president. I still cant believe it.  Then I drove up to North Carolina to take Miley to her rehab appt.  I took Java too because I was suppose to have a lesson but it was canceled due to rain.  When we got to the vet, I took Java in to because I didnt want to leave her in the car.  In the waiting room, first one 4 month old lab comes in, then a 2 month old lab comes in. Miley wasnt happy. She is never happy when we are there but she is ok. Java was calm and sniffed the puppies. The puppies were wild and the staff was all oooing and aaaaing over them. The man with the 4 month old puppy asked me how old Java was. I told him 7 months. He said "I cant wait until he is 7 months and acts like that". I didnt want to bust his bubble. I think Java is just laid back kinda dog. Then we got called back.  Miley was freaked out. I have no idea why. She laid there for the treatment but her back leg kept shaking.  Im not sure what was wrong with her.  Java just sat there watching everything.  Then we were done and it was time to go. She jumped up and that was that. Im not sure what was wrong with her. They lady moved the probe around and the settings were correct.  Maybe all the commotion in the waiting area took her over the edge. The tech was new, maybe that was it.  Then we drove home in the rain. The dogs were beside themselves all day with nothing to do.

This picture was taken last week. Then this happened.

Crazy dog.

The next day I went back and retook some pictures to get this shot. But made sure she didnt jump off the ledge.

Still having bad weather today.  It chilly and 44 degrees. Its damp from all the rain and my backyard  is a big mud pit.  So we went the the park and worked on our running dogwalk stuff.

And you know what?  Im jealous of all the people in class who just stand there and throw the ball and their dog runs like heck. LOL I think Im the furthest behind in class but its not from lack of trying to practicing.

I did get Java to learn this trick.


Sara said...

I think whenever it is damp, it feels cold. It has been in the teens here, but dry and it feels great (really)! But, when moisture moves in, forget it. 40 can feel horrible. Hope you get some sun soon.

I don't think labs grow up until they are 7 years old...not 7 months! LOL.

I always feel behind in Silvia's classes too! I think to myself, "Do none of these people have jobs?" LOL.

Helen said...

I like Java's new trick. I've tried to teach Beckett but as cuddly as he is he doesn't want to jump up into my arms.

Dawn said...

That's not fast enough? She looks like she's FLYING to me! LOL! She's such a cutie, and she's sure not afraid of anything, that's a benefit for sure! Hope Miley feels better soon. You too! :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Java is amazing at her new trick!! I think she looks good with her running DW. What material are you using for her to run on? Interesting method - that is what Silvia does? I wouldn't worry about being behind. Not every dog progresses at the same rate. You guys are doing fine!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I get affected by the weather too. I hope you get nice weather very soon.

I wanted to teach Layla to jump in my arms. Even though she's so big, I thought it'd be cute. I might still do it. She would jump sideways and I'd have to catch her sideways, not a straight on jump. Maybe that'll be a rainy day project lol.

Jules said...

I am curious about the material she's running on, too. She looks great.

I also could not believe SC voted for Gingrich. Better for Obama, I guess.

Kathy said...

I LOVE Javas new trick I have always, always always wanted to be able to teach my dogs that!!! Very cool. Do not feel bad about feeling behind with the running dog walk class, who cares, you will get there and it will be awesome,although it would be nice to be able to have it be easy, I sure get that. When I was doing Crickets running aframe her brother-littermate was doing it at the same time and he got it totally done in such a short time, and his was awesome, boy that was making me wonder about me, but we are both getting to the same place in the end, so your running contact will be awesome regardless of where you are in relation to the others in the class-I admire you are putting in all the effort to learn it and follow all the steps, it is very cool to watch you guys!!!