Sunday, December 18, 2011

Whats up???

I have no holiday spirit. Ive only bought one gift and that was for my grandfather. He likes that movie "The Christmas Story" and I saw this and thought he would get a good laugh.

Java is getting big. She no longer looks like a puppy.  I kept hoping she is going to stay under 16 inches but I dont know.  Last week she was 14 3/4.

Its been a busy week and Ive been to tired to blog. Then Friday and Saturday morning I woke up with a migraine. Not a nice way to start the day.
Wednesday I taught the agility Co-Op class for the club. Its been warm out but as soon as the sun goes down it feels freezing.  I was so cold while out there teaching.  Brrrr. I hate to tell you it was only 50 degrees out. LOL, Im a wimp.   I took Java with me.  She did well. No barking or going after other dogs. But no big dogs were in class.  At the end of class we were cleaning up the equipment and the little dogs were all loose. They all got a long. They just hung out and no one really cared about the others. While there I worked on Java's tunnels and teeters.  She doing much better with the teeter.  She seemed kinda afraid of it a couple times when Ive taken her to the field. But this time, no problem. The teeter is set between two tables. I even lowered one of the tables and she was ok with it.
Thursday I taught 2 foundation agility classes.  She does really well in those class.  I had her in Miley's crate while working the other dogs in the class thur the chute. Java busted out the zipper on the crate, ran thur the chute and came to me.  It was so cute. I think she was thinking, "I can do it, I can do it".  So I guess I cant use Miley's crate anymore. I have a bigger soft crate that I used for Guiness. I guess Ill try that one. Its heavier  and thats why I dont like it but the zipper is more substantial.  Java's recall is getting better. In class two bigger dogs started barking at each other, Java started running over there. I called her  and she turned right around and came to me. WhooHoo!!  Now if I could just get her to do that with squirrels.  At the end of the class, two different people came up to me and  told me how much they are enjoying class and that they are learning a lot.  That was  so nice. I really worry about  people not  being bored in class. Foundation stuff can sometimes seem boring especially if you dont understand why you are learning something. But you will need that foundation later on.
Miley is doing ok. I think I might have seen her limp in the house twice. But it was just once so Im not sure. I havent seen anything on walks , and thats where Im really watching her. So Im not sure if I really saw it or not. Of course when Im watching her, I never see anything.

I forgot to add this.  So I had to edit the post.  There is a web site called "I shot it".  You can enter your pictures for a small fee. If you win, you get the pot.  They are having a contest for dog pictures. Right now the pot is worth about 400.00, but there is still 6 weeks to go. So Im sure as more people add pictures it will grow.   I added some pictures and will probably add a few more. It sure would be nice to  get that money. Here is the website
They lady who does Scruffy dog photography ( who is on my blog reading list side bar) is judging the contest.  I love her photos. She takes awesome dog pictures!


Sara said...

If it makes you feel any better, it is a whopping 18 degrees here! LOL. I know, that didn't make you feel better. Just made me look stupid for living in such a ridiculously cold place!

I'm going to go check out the ishotit place. Sounds cool! I know someone who submits photos on something called better photography.

Dawn said...

Oh I love that photo you have of Miley (or Java?) looking through the seaweed. It was unique and absolutely beautiful....I think you should enter that one too!!

Priscilla said...

Always love your Miley girl, she is so pretty. Jave has grown so much and she is a clever girlie. I bet you have lots of pictures to enter that contest, you take beautiful pictures!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Beautiful photo of Miley! It is cool that you entered your photos in a contest - I would pick you are the winner!

Kathy said...

Glad the co op class is going well and sounds like Java is doing fantastically for her age-I could never keep my baby dogs in soft crates, not until they were more mature ;-( (but my dogs can be naughty) esp when they were young I have had to haul a heavy wire crate ;-(, I am not a fan of that but...
Love the picture of Java on the bottom, what a pretty girl, she sure has lost her baby look and is just looking like a beautiful girl!

Sam said...

Um, 50 degrees? I'll trade you. We've had a couple nights in the 20s!

Java IS getting big and totally doesn't resemble the puppy that she was just a few months ago. I love her markings, by the way!