Monday, December 26, 2011

Life goes on.

Well Christmas is over.  Thank god.  I really dont like Christmas anymore. I dont really want to get into why, Im just glad its over.

I went to the club on Friday to work on some of the jumps we made.  The  jump bars needed to be cut down and they needed to be taped.  Some of the jumps needed to be glued.  So I took Java with us, my husband came with me, so we could work the chute a couple of times.

She looks  much happier huh?

Thursday I took Miley to her follow -up rehab appt.   She was good.  No signs of pain with any movement.  So I can start increasing her activity.   The day before taking her to the appt. I played ball with her in the house and the day of we hiked at the park.  I figured if that aggravated her  that she wasnt ready to be released.  But nope, all was good.

Saturday we hiked 4 miles at the park.  Not anything to hilly but lots of roots so you have to pick your feet up more. While in the back of the park, about  a mile and a half  we run into a lady walking two dogs.  I was trying to work on Java not barking at people and dogs we pass at the park. So my husband was walking Miley and Guiness.  Java had done really well everyone we had passed so far.  I told the lady my dog may bark.  The lady got off the path, which should have clued me in.  She was walking both her dogs, a Great Pyrenees and a mixed dog( looked like lab-pit bull) on flexi-leads.   The mixed breed was a rescue.  All of a sudden all hell breaks looks. Her dogs start barking and  pull the leads out of her hands. The dogs go charging at Lou.  He trys to block, and successfully blocks the GP. But the mixed breed goes behind him. First jumps Miley, who doesnt really fight back and backs out under the dog.Then he goes after Guiness.  The lady just stands there. Didnt even leave her spot.   Lou kicks the dog in the head. The dog takes off to his owner. She grabs him. Lou has the GP by the leash.  Finally she responds and gets the GP.  I have Lou take Miley and Java away from the area. Guiness is bleeding from his face.  I did have my first aid kit with me and Im trying to clean Guiness's face and see how bad he is bitten.   The lady tells me that the mixed breed had bitten another dog at home twice this morning.  The said, "I guess this tells me what I need to know about this dog".  Ugh, to  bad my dog had to pay the price.  I was mad but I was more concerned about my dog.  The lady did apologize several times and felt really bad. I didnt need to make her feel worse.  And she  stayed there until I was the one who finally left. I think she was more traumatized  then me.  I was just glad things werent worse. Im glad Guiness didnt get bitten in the eye.  The vet was closed. But I had doxycline at home and started  him on that.  It looked swollen after about an hour or two at home but the next day was much better.

He had a small shallow puncture wound to the face. I guess because there isnt much tissue there and mostly bone, the dog didnt get a good grip. The worse part is my husband kicked the dog with his leg he had knee surgery on Nov 2.  Its now been hurting for the past 2 days. Ugh. I hope its not wrecked. Plus Java probably wont be calm passing other dogs for a while, that was a big set back. It probably just reinforced her thinking. I never asked the lady if her dog was ok.

I did manage a few pictures after that.

( here is Miley trying to figure out how to cross this little creek without getting wet. Java cant understand what the problem is. Just walk thur it.)

Miley finally just says "screw it, Im jumping".

Here was Guiness's face again a little later. I was concerned about the inner corner of the eye. But the next day it was back to normal.


Sara said...

Yea for the holiday being over!

So sorry about the dog bite. Those flexi leads should come with some sort of mandatory training on their proper use.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I am glad that Christmas is over too although ours was fine. It is just stressful and tiring no matter what.

I am glad Guiness' eye is healing but I hope Lou didn't severely re-injure his knee. There is just no way a person should have an aggressive dog on a flexi!

Elayne said...

I'm also very happy for Xmas to be over, phew.

So sorry you had to go through that traumatic experience. Hope Guiness eye heals up fast. The trail by my house was so overrun with people with out of control dogs on Xmas day that we bailed after about 1/4 mile.

Sherri said...

What a scary experience with those dogs. I'm glad you and yours weren't hurt worse, and I hope he he heals quickly.

I feel the same way about Christmas.

Cedarfield said...

I usually pick Devon up whenever we pass a big dog or even a small one if it seems unfriendly. It keeps me moving past the other dogs as I say a cheery "hello" to keep my dogs from getting tense about passing other dogs.

Lian said...

I am glad Christmas is over now too.

I am so sorry that Guiness got attacked. There are always some idiots out there. Hope his eyes is ok, no damage done.

Also, hope Java is not bother by it.

Big hug x

Kathy said...

OH that sounds like such a nightmare, I am so glad Guiness was not hurt worse, but gosh, if in doubt why cant average pet owners err on the side of caution, like you said other dogs should not have to pay in an experiment to see if these dogs are ok with other dogs, and not fair to even put that other dog in the situation where he acted out like that, so sorry that happened to you guys. Java looks great.

Nicki said...

Seriously why can't people control their dogs? Or keep them appropriately confined. I never walk my dogs in my neighborhood because all the dogs run loose.

Dawn said...

I had a big long comment written, this disturbed me so much, your dogs being attacked like that...then I lost it. So rather than start the rant over let me just say this is terrible, and a reason that I don't walk my dog in public very often..but you remind me it can happen anywhere. The woman should be reported, she obviously can't control two big dogs, and what in the world was she thinking using a flex lead? I'm so sorry that this happened, hope everyone, including Lou is feeling better. Guess this turned into a rant anyway..but darn, what is WRONG with people?