Friday, December 2, 2011

Long week

I havent taken any pictures all week.  Shocking, I know. LOL  I think it was raining Monday.  Tuesday I didnt feel like it because it was already getting dark at the park. Of course there was a beautiful picture of a blue herring standing right in the  water cove. Would have been a beautiful shot. But I didnt bring my camera because I figured there wouldnt be anything to take a picture of. LOL And then I taught classes for the club on Wed and Thurs and I didnt get home unitl after 9pm.  Today?  Well, I was just wiped out.
Tuesday when we went to the park. Java chased a squirrel into the woods. I recalled her and she came.  She shook her head and blood flew all over Miley's face.  I looked at Java and she had blood all over one side of her face. I didnt have my first aid  kit with me because its in my camera bag and I didnt bring that. My husband had a paper towel in his pocket so I cleaned Java up but couldnt find the where the blood came from.  So we started to walk again and now more blood , thick gobs of it were on Java's face again.  Now I could see it was coming from her ear but there wasnt really a cut or hole. The was a slight abrasion on the inside of her ear that was causing all this. So I held her while we walked  back to the car with pressure on her ear. It stopped bleeding. I put her down and walked the rest of the way to the car.  I wonder what people thought that passed us.  Im sure it looked like my dogs had hunted down  something and killed it. Killer dogs.
Wednesday I taught the agility co-op class.  I put up several of the Stuart Mah course we did at the seminar.  They ran them without a problem. Which of course starts making me think I suck again because I struggled with the courses. And then I start debating all the way home why Im trying to run Miley. LOL.   I dont know if you listened to Daisy Peels podcast, its on her website and its free. But its about consistency.  Yea Im consistently going off course and consistently "NQ"ing.  So I am consistent. But it sounds like its hard to change what you have always done. So unless I change what Im doing , Im not going to be able to run my dog. ( thats not what she said in the podcast, thats my take on myself after listening to it) But how do you change. Its easy to change little things, but how do you change the whole thing?  I dont know.
I set the course up and had Java with me.  I was numbering the course when someone in the class came. He asked if he could let his 10 month old puppy ,a great Pyrenees, run around the field. He wanted to know if it would bother Java. I told him I didnt think Java would care but I put her on leash.  He brought the dog in and they sniffed each other and seem ok.  He went to one side of the field and I went to the other to finish number the course. I dropped the leash because it was to hard to number, hold the course map and do the leash. Well then his dog came running over and started chasing Java. Poor Java ran and looked scared.  Which I would think is normal because that dog is huge!!!!  I called Java, she came running to me. As soon as she got to me, she turned around and with the meanest growling bark went after the great Pyrenees. The Pyrenees took off running. Of course I got Java, but it worried me because I dont want her to be a mean dog.  Then during class I was at the edge of the field  with Java on leash next to me and another big flat coated retriever was running. He left the course and came running at us. Again Java's mean growling bark came and she tried to go after him. He went back to his owner.  Oh good, now Ive given her two bad experiences.  This made me feel terrible. I put my dog in a place were she felt like she had to protect herself. Ugh. ( just so you know, this guys dogs are really nice dogs and they just wanted to play. They werent being aggressive, Java, I think, took it as a threat.)
So the next night I teach 2 foundation classes at the club and took Java with me.  There she was fine. She didnt bark or growl at anyone or the dogs. She even went up to a few big dogs.  I think it has to do with me.  If she feels the dog is threatening me, thats when the growling barking stuff comes in.  I dont know if I should be worried about this behavior or not.


Marie said...

It never ceases to amaze me how a cut on the ear bleeds. I think it's worse cause they flip it everywhere too. It's been years ago now, but I had one of the dogs get a scratch on the ear, and I told Randy that with the blood splatter on the walls, CSI would have a devil of a time figuring out what happened. LOL

Berts Blog said...

Lots of things going on for you this week. I am glad Java didn't get hurt real bad, those ears can bleed really bad though. It often looks worse than it is.

I hope the two experiences with the different dogs doesn't cause any lifelong issues.

Keep us posted.


Sara said...

I'm sure Java will be just fine. She's had plenty of positive experiences with other dogs. I wouldn't want a big dog running toward me either.

Enjoy the weekend!

Dawn said...

Never had a dog with a bleeding ear, but I bet it can seem scary! I think you may have something there, with Java growling and snarling at dogs that were approaching YOU...interesting. I'm sure she's really bonded with you and she's a brave little thing, so maybe she does feel she needs to protect you.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

My mom has always been telling me that Ricky's bad behaviors (like car chasing) are about protecting me. I don't believe her but you know how moms always end up being right!

Glad Java wasn't seriously hurt - I would've freaked out with all that blood.