Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gound Hog Day

Guess what.  I really think the ground hog was right.  I went to the park today and listen to this.

Then look at this.
 Hows that for spring is coming!!

 Spring is coming? whoohoo!!!!

Ive been a bad park goer.  Ive been letting Miley off leash.  The park has been really deserted this winter so I thought she would get more exercise  off leash. She can go chase squirrels which requires her to jump over logs and  run.  Anyway, I usually look down the paths alot to make sure no one is coming. But today I was messing with the camera and all of  a sudden a guy on a bike is right behind me. I didnt hear him and he didnt say anything. Guiness starts going berserk . I'm holding two leashes and all of a sudden realize I dont have Miley on leash. Oh crap.  She runs up to the bicycle. The guy looked worried and I told him that she wouldnt do anything to him, so he kept on riding.  I called Miley and she turned around and came to me.  How great is that.  I was shocked. To call her off a moving bicycle made my day. I know it doesnt seem like much but it seem huge to me. Yea Miley!

I dont know if more tress and bushes are dying or if the park cleared some more areas. This area I havent been able to go thru before.  I saw it the other day and noticed  the colors in the rocks.  I hope you can see it.  I guess the water level must be down.

In the same spot there was a tree  over hung the water.
I thought it would be cool to get Miley's picture on it with those rocks in the back ground.  Well that was a lot harder that it looks.
I had to put treats on the tree and get her to go out on it.  Then try to make her stay as I ran back to get the shot.  LOL  it took many takes.

 But by the time I would get her to go out on the tree and then get back to take the shot, she would turn around to get off.

I finally, after many tries, I got one shot. Not the greatest but I was almost out of treats.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Spring peepers!! Neat - I think you're right that it is almost Spring where you live! Definitely NOT here! LOL!

I love those photos of Miley!

Congratulations on calling her off a bike! I totally know how huge that is!!!!!

Priscilla said...

Spring is around the corner! It's so lovely to see the young shoots and little green leaves there.
What a good girl Miley was and what an awesome recall! She deserves loads of yummy yummy treats!

Kathy said...

good job Miley, coming off that bike, a testiment to good training and a fantastic girl. Love seeing he sights and sounds of spring are on the way ;-).

Sara said...

WHat an awesome recall!

If you're seeing signs of spring, surely it will make its way north....fingers crossed.

Morganne said...

Miley is beautiful. She has a lot more coat than Soleil.

Marie said...

Oh, that little sprout of green is so encouraging. I wish we were seeing that here, but maybe soon...

Dawn said...

This gives me hope. But it still seems a long way off...spring. Great photos! And a recall away from a BIKE? That is MAJOR!! And now way would Katie walk out on a tree...even for treats! Miley is such a good girl!!

Dawn said...

I forgot to comment that I really like the colored rocks on the beach near the river. Beautiful!

Cynthia said...

Yay for spring! I want to see leaves sprouting around here too!