Friday, February 18, 2011

An Evening

 I took the dogs up to the dam hoping to get some good sunset shots.  Well actually I had wanted to go to the field and practice with Miley. But when I got home someone, I think Miley, has diarrhea in the house. So new plan, clean the carpet.  After I finished that , there wasnt much time left so I thought I would try to get some shots of the dogs.  The first shots didnt turn out to well. Guiness wouldnt cooperate , he was to busy smelling something.
 I just couldnt get the lighting right. If the sunset looked good, you couldnt see Miley. And if Miley looked good , you lost all the sunset color. LOL

I just moved on to take other pictures. We went out on the dock and Guiness didnt like that at all. The dock was moving a little and it freaked him out. Last time we were on it he was fine but not this time.

 Then right  after I took this next picture my camera stopped working.

I really like the above picture and I dont know how I got it.  LOL  Anyway the camera stopped working. It was just a black screen and wouldnt do anything.  I started walking around the site. I saw this thing swimming in the water and I coudnt tell what it was.  I asked this guy who was fishing and he said it was either an otter or muskrat.  Man and my camera wasnt working. I was so disappointed.  It swam up to shore and then into  some rocks.  I finally got the camera working but it was to late. ( I took the SD card out and put it back in).  Man that would have been a great picture of the otter. O'well maybe next time.  Also I had left my phone at home which my kids let me know about when I got back. "What were you  thinking not taking your phone. What if something happened to you".  LOL, at least I know my kids are listening to me when I say things to them.


Sara said...

Your kids are so sweet :)

Miley is soooo photogenic.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Quite an evening! Hope Miley is feeling better!

You got some great shots even if the lighting was tough and then your camera stopped working. It was probably a muskrat and not an otter so you missed getting a photo of a rat that swims (so no big deal - LOL!)

Reilly / Bree said...

These are fantastic photos, I especially love the last two, they are perfect !

Dawn said...

Sounds like a fun (though probably somewhat frustrating) evening. I love the closeup of Guiness with his ears flat and his eyes wide....can tell he's not too keen on being there! :)

Priscilla said...

Gorgeous pictures. Must have been really frustrating not having been able to take the picture of the otter. I know that feeling. When you see this perfect moment...but are just too late to catch it!

You have very sweet kids.

Amy Wood said...

These pics are great! Your shelties are beautiful! And they pose so nice together. :)

Walkydog said...

Just found your great blog (from 'one collie'. Like the second to last photo best. I'm just starting agility with my rescue collie, so will enjoy reading here, thanks for sharing. Your doggies are all lovely.