Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trialing again

It was up in Morrisville NC.  Ive been there before, a couple of years ago.  I did remember the cool park they have, that is close to the trial site.  Its called Crabtree park. Its a very nice and huge park. Lots of trails and grass and water.

I wish I had gotten there sooner, so I could have spent more time there. I stayed for 1 1/2 hours, until they closed.  It just wasnt long enough.

So we started out Friday with FAST.   Miley was crazy  and flew off the teeter. WTH??  I had to put her on 3 times to get her to stop.  So we didnt  even have time to do the send.  Java didnt get the send.

She took the backside of the second jump. I couldnt have gotten that if I really needed it. LOL  I think I stepped away from the line to soon, so I could push into her. It it caused her to pull into me and then when I pushed her back out, she got the back side. LOL

Friday Just wasnt our day. Both my dogs had trouble. Plus I wasnt feeling to well. My feet and lower legs just ached so bad. I have not idea why. It hurt to walk. So I finally took some medication and then I was so tired, I just wanted to go back to the hotel. My friend convinced me to stay for T2B.  I had only entered Java in that. And she did great and Qed and took 1st place.

It was easy but sometimes you need easy to get yourself together.

Saturday was a new day.  Started with FAST again.  Miley was close but dropped a bar in the send.  Java Qed and had some nice teeters too. (Not the first one but after that).

My friend and I had a hard time taping each other. It seemed like she was in one ring while I was in the other.

Next up was standard. Im not sure why but the Q rate on the course was horrible.

Lots of dogs went wide from 11 and took 15 instead of the a-frame. There was something else but I cant remember what it was.
Miley had lots of trouble. She was just weird all weekend.  Im not sure what it was. She did vomited in her crate once on Friday. Saturday she seemed ok.

Java's run was awesome.  She lost to a really fast sheltie by 1.5 seconds. Ugh!

I really wanted  a double Q.

I had planned to front cross between 6 and 7 but I didnt make it. I hadnt planned to bc after 9 but I just decided to since I had time. But I think this messed me up because I turned my shoulders the wrong way put her into the wrong end of the tunnel. Ugh!! So close!!

It was a tough drive home. Not sure why, I was just so tired.  Not sure why because I had fallen asleep the night before at 9pm and slept all night.  I did get a good book on tape called "Nemesis" by Catherine Coulter.  Ive read her FBI books before. They are pretty good. She also writes romance novels but Ive never read those.

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Dawn said...

My brother lives north of Charlotte, near Davidson...I think I've heard of this town. Cool park! Glad you had some success, and hope you had some fun too! I hope you have recovered by now! Java sure runs FAST!!