Sunday, September 20, 2015

2 Double Q's

Last weekend we went to an agility trial in Ga.  Of course my RV had been in the shop for 3 weeks. I had a long list of things I wanted them to work on. I picked it up the Friday , a week before the trial. I parked it at my RV storage site.  The next day I went to put some stuff back in it and there was a couple of inches of water in the shower. (the rv sits on a slight grade, so  the water was away from the drain or I would have never noticed it)  So I cleaned it all up and it rained again the next night. I checked the RV and water was in the shower again. Ugh, there is a leak.  When I had brought it to the shop, I asked them to check the roof. Nothing was leaking but you should have your roof inspected once a year.  They had to change out a vent topper that had 2 screws broken off. That vent wasnt near the shower. Now I had a leak, a big leak.  Lou went on the roof but we couldnt find it. So I took it back in to the RV shop Monday night. I called Wednesday and they said it took them a while but they found the leak. The skylight , that is over the shower so you can see in the shower, was cracked.  Hmmmm wonder how that happened?  Anyway they said they had to order the skylight and they didnt know when it would be ready. Ugh, I needed it Thursday because I was leaving for a trial and had paid for a spot.  I was kind of getting mad, so I called Thursday morning and said I would be there at 11:30am to get my RV whether is was done or not. The lady was kind upset and said I cant take it if its leaking. I told her it was just leaking into the shower, so it isnt hurting anything and I will bring it back Monday. So I get there at 11:30 and its all done. They replaced the skylight and it was good to go.   I drove to Ga and as soon as I parked it poured down rain. No leaks!!  Yea.

The trial was very very small. It was suppose to be a 2 ring trial but they had to change to a one ring trial and cancel a judge.  So because of the way they set the schudule it was 5-6 hours between Master standard and Master jumpers.  Even though they set up two rings, the judge went back and forth between the rings. They did Master standard, then open jww, then open standard, then novice jumpers then novice standard and then Masters jww.  It wasnt that big of a deal, its not like I would go anywhere anyway but still that was a long wait for the dog to run. It was so small of a trial that 4, 8, 12 and 16 walked together.

After the rain storm Thursday, there was a rainbow.
There was lots of grass to walk the dogs and horse rings to let dogs run around.

Master standard Friday
 Java had a beautiful run until I  messed up and she went wide at 17 and then got a refusal at 18. Ugh, so close. And what a nice teeter!!
Miley dropped the  bar at 17 . Both errors at 17, so it must be me.

Next up was JWW

Miley ran so nice all weekend.  Just little things went wrong but no stress in the ring and no weird jumping.  This was probably the nicest weekend of running Miley has ever had. She only Qed in T2B on Friday and Saturday but it was still a really nice weekend.
After T2b on Friday, I signed Java up for a practice class of Premier standard. Java had a beautiful run. It would have been Q, if it had counted.

Ok, Im not going to finish this tonight because its taking to long to upload the video's to YouTube. Ugh

This weekend I went to Aiken and gave some private lesson for beginner agility students.  It was awesome.  I felt like I really helped them with there problems and learning new things.
I also gave a group lesson to people who are in Masters. I told them I really didnt feel like I helped them, plus it was hot has heck by the time their lesson came about. It was sunny and 91 degrees.  But it was a very cheap group lesson. It was at this lady's field. She owns 7 acres.  She is so lucky.

It use to be a church's baseball field. So it has real bathrooms and water and electricity.  Her agility field is fenced in and its a huge field.  Its big enough for 2 agility set ups!!!


Helen said...

Great entry of the dog walk in the Master Std. The Premier Std was a really nice run. You have some great covered venues to trial at. Are they fairground facilities?

Diana said...

They are usually just horse arenas. We do have a few at fairgrounds but most are just horse arenas that groups rent.

Dawn said...

Love that first photo of the two of them, and especially like the shot of Miley with the fence!