Friday, August 21, 2015

New Hampshire, post #2

This was my favorite picture from Lake Winnipesaukee.  It was taken the morning we left at 5am.  We never saw the sun rise because my sister's house faces west.  So we had to stop and take pictures.

This is my second favorite picture.

The water is very clear at the lake.   Can you see the fish? 

They still have muscles in the lake. When we were kids , we would snorkel and collect tones of these in a little rubber boat. Then we would dump them all back into the late.

An this was my favorite food.  Hot butter lobster sandwich. I could have eaten that every day. Yum!!!
We road the boat over to Weirs beach. When we were kids , we loved to go to Weirs beach. There was this big arcade there and we would play duck pin bowling.   We didn't walk over to the pier to see if it was still there.
Here is the big boat, The Mount Washington.  We loved to see it come by and jump in the water for the 4 big waves to come. LOL

These wooden boats use to be all over the lake when we were kids.  Now they are special and you don't see to many anymore. This one was beautiful!

Bottoms up!!!  LOL

I loved the baby ducks the would come around to all the docks several times a day.  I guess people feed them. I know we use to when I was a kid.  Now they remind me of my grandma. She live to feed the ducks too.  (we didn't feed them. Now I know bread isn't good for the ducks).

I liked to watch the baby ducks dive into the water. To bad I couldn't get underwater pictures. That would have been cool.

These are loons. If you saw the movie " On Golden Pond", you know about the loons. The dive underwater too. But they stay under for a while.

These must be another type of loon. They are brown.

Sorry, more duck pictures because they are so cute.

I was sitting on the dock ,early in the morning. I didn't see these ducks come up , but the did. Then they went to sleep on the grass.

This is my sisters dog. She is very cute.

Look how he grabs on with his back leg.

We don't have these red squirrels here in South Carolina.

We saw a bald eagle while we were out on the boat. It was hard to get a good picture. First off he was high up in the tree. And then the boat was rocking a lot.

You cant build houses on these little islands anymore but if you already had one, you can renovate it.  How do you think the toilets get emptied?  Im pretty sure they cant dump it in the lake.  Maybe they have a tank, and then a boat comes along and has to empty it.
Im surprised these peoples dock and boat house dosent get ripped apart in the winter when the lake freezes.  Most people have docks that they lift up in the winter.

This is my sisters back lawn. Nice!!

This humming bird was every cool. The first time I saw it , I was sitting on the dock. Ididnt have my camera. I heard this buzzing noise, and looked up and it was just starting at me. Like 2 feet from my face. It stayed a couple of minutes.  Darn, I didn't have my camera. But it came back a couple of days later and I got these cool pictures.

We also don't have chipmunks in Columbia SC.

This wasn't anyone I knew. I just took some pictures, hoping for something cool to happen. LOL

We went to Wolfeboro by boat one day. I very nice little town.  It look like a storm was coming , so we only stayed long enough to get ice cream.

You can drive you boat under there and there is place to park you boat back there. Looks kinda tight to me.

The end.


Nicki said...

Lots of pretty things!

Helen said...

Looks like a wonderful place for a vacation. I love being on the water.