Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekend Visit with Stephanie

This weekend I went down to Myrtle Beach to see Stephanie.  She is now in her new apartment and since she doesn't have any furniture, we decided we would go shopping.  Also, I brought her her big screen TV. She had bought in on black Friday for when she got her apartment.  It was to big to fit in her car , so I had to bring it to her.

Her apartment is nice. This is what she sees out her back screened porch.

I also brought her diploma that I had framed.

On Saturday we went to Myrtle beach and walked.

It was pretty crowed but not to bad. It was 9am , so I cant imagine what it was line at 12noon.  The waves were huge but I couldn't get a picture that really showed them.

After that we went to breakfast at a place called "Eggs Up".  It was packed and I can see why. The food was great.
Then we went furniture shopping. Well we actually started Friday but everything at all the stores were very expensive. So I looked up used furniture on the intranet. I found this place called "Unclaimed Furniture".  So we went there on Saturday. They had really good deals. We found this dresser/TV stand that had been reduced because it had a blemish on the corner. Its not really that noticeable.

It was a deal. Only 150.00.    I was worried we wouldn't be able to carry it up the stairs, Stephanie lives on the 2nd flood. But we did it without any problems. (we took the draws out)..  So now Stephanie has some place to put her clothes, instead of plastic bins.  We also put up curtains.

This King Kong was huge. You can see the sign below on the left, for a size comparison.

The next day we went to Huntington Beach. Ive been wanting to go there with the RV, so I wanted to check it out ahead of time. (I wouldn't go during the summer because its to crowed).

 They had these big chairs outside the camp store. They are USC and Clemson colors. 
 The beach was very nice. They have life guards where you first walk onto the beach.  But if you go further down the beach, no life guards but no people either. LOL.

Sorry the picture isn't good. I must have pressed something that darkened it. I tried to fix it on my computer. It looks fake now. Ugh!

Its so nice to walk at the beach.  When we got down to the RV section, there were lots of dogs on the beach.  Kind of hot for dogs to be on the beach , IMO, but nice to know people are all ok with dogs on the beach.

We had a good time and bought some T-shirts at the camp store.  It was sad to go home but that's life.

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Sara said...

Sounds like a prefect mother daughter weekend!