Monday, May 4, 2015

Not a camping type girl

On Friday I drove down to Hunting Island Beach park.  Its a really nice park that Ive been to before , but just for the day.  Now that I have an RV, I can stay at the park.  Lou was suppose to drive down with me but he had to go to Germany . So he didnt get in until 9pm and then drive down. He got there about 12MN.    I dont know how he found his way once he was in the park. Its pitch black at night. 
The drive down was stressful. My ABS light came on , on the dash board. My breaks seemed ok and I had already been on the road for 1 1/2 hours.   So I pulled off at a stop the had a Truckers garage. Of course they said they couldnt help me.  But they said a lot of times those sensors go off and as long as I dont feel any problems with the breaks, it would be ok.  Well, what do I know. So I kept going. (everything was ok). The whole way down I was thinking of the bridge I was going to have to cross. Its a narrow bridge.  There is even a sign that says, "narrow bridge".  Ive been over it before and its tight in a car, let a lone a big RV.   So I finally reach the bridge, I went really slow. I mean really slow. When I got to this part

I stopped and let the truck go by. I knew I was in my lane but I was worried about the guys mirrors.  After he went by, I could go the rest of the way freely because no one else was coming towards me.
But then I get to the park.  I drive in and every thing is good. I stop at check in and then they tell me how to get to my spot.  Ack. It was a narrow road with trees planted right next to the roads and with turns. 

And people park their cars really close the the edge of the road. Ims sure they dont realize how hard it is for the RV to drive though this, especially if there is a turn. 

So it doesnt look like much , but when you are in a big, long RV, it becomes stressful.  I finally got to my spot. I had picked a pull through, so I wouldnt have to worry about backing in. (Good thing too)

I finally was in my spot and got myself level. Put the slides out.  Then later realized that I did park in the best spot. I should have at least moved closer to the electrial hook up, and then I would have had more room by the door to put out the awning and stuff.   I was to lazy to fix it. It would have meant diconnecting everything, pulling in the slide and pulling up the levelers.   Next time I will pay more attention.

The beach was beautiful.  We missed the sun rise the first day even though we got up at 6:30am. But by the time we got to the beach it was 7am. 

The beach wasnt crowed but the park was. Every camping spot was filled.  Bikes everywhere!!!  (Java goes crazy over bikes).  Sometimes boys riding bikes, would just keep coming at us again and again, until I finally had to say something. There is 4 miles to ride on the island, you dont need to keep circling us and  riding really fast up behind us again and again. Ack!!   
Hunting island has a light house on it. 

We didnt go to the top, even though Lou thought I should. He said the pictures would be great. 

There is an area with lots of dead tress. Its very cool looking. 

(these pictures are very crip. I hope they show up on the blog that way because right now they are looking fuzzy. Im using my blogger app to write this. I dont know if that had anything to do with it).

Lots of people having camp fires all the time. I dont know how they stood it. All there stuff  must smell like smoke.  Poor Miley, hates smoke. She gets really nervous.  And  Im not a really sit by the camp fire person.    Its not really fun to me.  Bugs bitting you and  smelling like smoke, not my cup of tea. 
We tried to cook hotdogs and hamburgers.  Lou finally managed to get the fire going and we got them cooked. We probably werent patience enough. We did roast marshmellows. Those were good.  

Several times I saw people feeding deer. This one was eating off their table and they were right there.  I dont think people realized that its not a good thing to make the deer unafraid of people. 

One perfect sand dallar. I didnt pick it up. We have a lot of them. 

Love how the tide goes way out and there are lots of sand bars. 

We fell asleep early so of course we go up really early on Sunday.
 We did manage to see the sunrise  Sunday. 

Its ok to dig here, just not in my back yard. LOL

Look mom, no feet. 

The trees are where all the camp sites are.  Some are beach front.  There was one person with a 5th wheel toy hauler. The toy hauler has this big ramp that folds down. It had this lift in the middle that they made it into a bed. Then they put a screen over the ramp door. So they were laying in their bed and looking at the ocean.  I probably wouldnt do that but to each his own.  There was someone else that had a pop up trailer. They put all the flaps down, and just had the screen. When we passed them in the morning, they were sleeping and snoring big time. I was worried Java would start barking at the noise. But she didnt. LOL

We had a good time.  Next time, I wont go on a Friday or Saturday night. 


Sara said...

Looks like a beautiful place to camp!

Helen said...

I think you're doing great maneuvering that RV, I hope I'll do as well. That looks like a wonderful place to go camping. I love all the dead trees on the beach, that looked cool.

Dawn said...

Wow. This is so beautiful! And your girls are so good at posing. No way would Katie stand up on that tree! I love this campground, love that the dogs can be on the beach. I want to visit this one too!!

Can I just come live with you? :) In fact we should invite Sara and Bree and... and... and....

Dawn said...

What a great park!! Glad you had fun,you did wonderful with that huge RV!