Monday, May 25, 2015

BRAC Trial

I went up to the mountins for an AKC trial.  I went up on Thursday and wanted to get there early so I could bark the RV in without to much trouble.  It was very windy on Thursday which makes driving an RV harder. You are constantly steering.  But I got there with no problems.  I even climbed the steep  mountin roads without difficulty.  I had to read up on driving and RV up and down steep grades and down shifting into 2nd and 1st.   You cant down shift into 2nd when you drop to 50 mph or less and you can down shift into 1st if you are going 30 mph or less.  And the engine will make a lot of noise when you down shift into 2nd. So its a good thing I read that , or it would have scared me to death. It cranks the rpm's up to 4500.
 So I made it up there and got the RV parked.  It was on a incline so I had to put blocks under the tires on the left. I also put blocks under the levelers.

The only problems with the dump tank, in the ground, was up hill. When you attach the hoses to dump the black tank, it runs by gravity. Well that doesnt work well up hill. So I had to climb under the RV and lift up the hose, then put a bucket under the hose to keep it elevated. Then come out from under the RV becasue the tire was in the way. Then crawl back under and lift the hose and move the bucket.  I did this twice because I was worried there would still be stuff in there when I disconnected the hose. There wasnt. There are these grading plantforms that you can buy to put the hoses on , I guess I need to get  one of those. 

The weather was good.  Thursday was warm but later in the day the temeprture started dropping. So now is was windy and cool. I think at night it dropped  between 43-50.  It warmed up during the day so that was nice. It was never really hot.  I was really glad I put a sweatshirt and pants in my bag. Who would of thought I would need those type of clothes when its almost June. LOL

On Saturday Miley turned 8 years old. This picture was taken on Saturday.

The werid thing that happened was Miley has become a barker in her crate. It started Satruday evening. Ususally  once I walk away from the crate or cover the crate , she stops barking. Not now. It was horrible.  I think what happend was Java got three more turns to run on Saturday then Miley did. I think she was mad.  One time when I took them out to use the bathroom, I tried to put her back in the crate.  I took her leash off and she took off up the stairs and headed down the walkway. Ack!!  She did come back when I called her but not the first call.    She wasnt as barky Sunday but she got to run  just as much as Java. I hope this isnt her new thing. 
Java acts werid at trials too.  This started last year. At first I thought she was injuired but I had her checked and rested her for 2 months. She still does it and it gets worse as the weekend progresses. I usuallly only do 2 days but this time I decided to do 3.  And USDAA regionals I think its 4 days.  Hmmmm.  What she does and starts refusing to go on walks to warm up and cool down. She just wants to from her crate to the ring and the ring to her crate.  Lots of time she will just sit down and refuse to move.  I make her move but its just weird. 

We had  a nice weekend.  Miley had 2 T2B Qs and Two master standard Q's.  We missed a double Q and at T2B Q by one dropped bar.

Java is still having teeter fly offs.  So I used FAST to work on teeters. She would still fly off the first time over and then try to stop after that.  

By Sunday, it finally worked.  She finally stopped so we could Q. LOL

She took 2nd place. A border collie beat her. I think we would have taken first if she had turned the correct way out of the tunnel. 

This jumpers course was really easy. I planned two blind crosses with both dogs. I made it with Miley but she dropped a bar. I didnt make it with Java. I should have started the first blind between 7-8 sooner.

We played ISC standard and jumpers on Saturday. 
I was very happy we got the opening.  I was really worried she would jump off the down ramp to make the turn. We are still working on this so I wouldnt be surprised if she did it but she didnt. 

But then I didnt turn my head to make sure I had my dog as she came out of the tunnel. I was more concerned to get down the line to cue the turn after the chute.  So when she came out of the tunnel, she went up the dogwalk.  Lots of dogs did this. 

Then ISC jww. This course was crazy hard.  I really didnt see the reason to make it this hard. I mean it wasnt and ISC qualifier. 

I think 3 dogs made it through clean. Even slow dogs werent getting through this. It was tighter than it looks on the map, #7-14.   Im not even posting Java's run because it was a hot mess. I think we finished the night at 8pm. 

This run was fun. It was T2b.  We didnt Q because of the teeter but I put two blinds in an was so happy I made it.  Just barely. LOL (oops this video is Miley, Ill have to fix later. )

This JWW course was lots of fun. To bad I screwed it up with both dogs. Ugh!!

I really felt like I cued the turn at #9 but when you watch the video, I didnt cue it at all. Whats up with that???  That happens to me a lot. I feel like I did something on course and I  watch the video and I didnt do it at all. I really need to work on this. 

My friend forgot to tape me with Java, so I only had Miley's run.  Java missed that turn at #9 but I rear crossed it with her. She still didnt read it. The Java  went into the wrong tunnel.  I thought I had her with me and all of a sudden she was off.

The last run was JWW. Miley Qed.  Java acted really werid. She just ran by the weaves and then missed a jump. We finally got it together in the end. Not sure what was up with that. 

(So I already lost this post once and had to rewritte the entrie thing. I hope this works). 


Helen said...

Hey I think you're doing great manouvering that RV. I hope to buy one next year but smaller than yours, 28 feet would be the biggest I would get.

Sara said...

You wrote, "so I could bark the RV." LOL. Made me giggle. Guess you had barking on your mind. You are so brave to drive that thing yourself. I would be a wreck! I cant even drive a minivan.

Looks like you had some excellent runs!